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Obituary for Mr. Han Sangkook

Sunday 22 March

Obituary for Mr. Han Sangkook


The Asian Table Tenis Union (ATTU) was saddened by the news of Mr.Han Sangkook’s passing away on Friday 20th March 2020. He was 83 years old. On behalf of the Asian Table Tennis Union, President CAI Zhenhua conveyed the condolences to the friends and family of M. Han Sangkook.


Born in 1936, Mr. Han Sangkook devoted most of his life to table tennis sport in Asia and worldwide alike. He was elected as the Vice President of the Korea Table Tennis Association in 1980, and became the vice president of the Asian Table Tennis Union in 1988. Starting in 1995, Mr.Han also took the positions in the ITTF representing Asian and eventually retired as ITTF Executive Vice President in 2005.


As the ex-Vice President of the ATTU, Mr. Han Sangkook was well-respected among the Union by his kindness, his expertise and his great contribution to table tennis. His example shall be followed always and our lovely memories of Mr.Han Sangkook shall be cherished.     


May he rest in peace.


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