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ATTU ‘Aim for the stars’ South Asia Training Camp Concludes

Aim for the stars

26 November 2019 (Tue)

Return to Athens, Paris disappointment set aside

Olympic Series

06 July 2020 (Mon)

ATTU “Aim for the Stars” National support for Saudi Arabia-Iran-UAE

Aim for the Stars

22 November 2019 (Fri)

Episode 9 - First Attack

"Aim for the Stars" Coaching Videos

02 July 2020 (Thu)

Return to Athens: gold for Ryu Seungmin

Olympics Series

02 July 2020 (Thu)

World champion, Xi Enting passes away

Obituary of Xi Enting

19 November 2019 (Tue)

Episode 8 - Short balls and flick

ATTU "Aim for the Stars" Coaching Videos

25 June 2020 (Thu)

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