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ATTU Advanced Umpire Refresher Seminar in Jakarta

ATTU Advanced Umpire Refresher Seminar in Jakarta, Indonesia


Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia was host to the recent ATTU Advanced Umpire Training Seminar.  The seminar, from Monday 5 March to Wednesday 7 March, was organised by the Indonesian Table Tennis Association with the support of the Asian Table Tennis Union.  It was coordinated by Mr. Jimmy M. Linando, Officer responsible for International Affairs with the Indonesian Table Tennis Association and conducted in the Meeting Room of the Swiss Belhotel in the south western part of the capital.  The expert on duty from ATTU was CK Chan.

Well prepared seminar room in Swiss Belhotel, Jakarta

With an aim to refresh themselves before this year’s International Umpire examination, 10 Category A umpires, being the highest level national umpires of Indonesia, took part in the three-day event.  Among the 10 participants, 4 had previously been Indonesian Category A umpires, while 6 others have just qualified as Category A umpires several weeks ago.  The participants came from different parts of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Java and Madura, and they were eager to learn to improve their knowledge and advance their skills in officiating of table tennis.  It was encouraging to see several young umpires joining the three-day seminar.

All the candidates are experienced umpires, some with international experience and/or para table tennis experience.  Although all candidates could understand English, expressing themselves in English was a problem for many of them.  From Day 2 onwards, a translator, Ms Nurul Naharis, joined to assist with communication during the seminar.  While this helped communication, it slowed down the proceeding.  Apart from going through the up-to-date rules and regulations of table tennis, the seminar also covered presentation, communication and management of table tennis matches, para table tennis and tournament characteristics.  Towards the end of Wednesday, the group discussed scenarios based on some subtle interpretation of the rules and regulations.  During the three days, the candidates asked many questions and also shared some of their previous experiences.  As the seminar was conducted in the hotel where all participants were staying, it was very convenient for all.  The room used was very well equipped with appropriate audio-visual facilities.  Tea and snacks during the morning and afternoon breaks were very much appreciated


A delightful group

Focused and attentive during the seminar

Jimmy M. Linando of Indonesian Table Tennis Association was asked of his opinion on the seminr.  He remarked: “Indonesia has not had any new International Umpires (IU) since 2010 and the seminar is very timely for the preparation of uplifting the standard of table tennis officials in Indonesia.  As Indonesia is planning to organise many international and continental events in the near future, training of qualified and competent technical officials is very much needed.  I am thankful to the ATTU for sending one of its very experienced trainers to conduct the seminar.  By sharing his knowledge and experience with the participants, the level of understanding and knowledge would definitely be raised.”  The umpires expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to attend the seminar as a refresher to their coming International Umpire examination.  Many agreed that it increased their understanding and interpretation of the rules and regulations.

CK Chan, the ATTU Trainer, acknowledged the hard work and dedication of all the participants and encouraged them to continue to work and learn in improving their knowledge and skills of officiating.  He also wished them success in the coming International Umpire examination.


CK Chan