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The story so far……

Thursday 19 September

2019 ITTF-ATTU Asian Championships


Thursday 19th September


The story so far……


Team events completed, simply China a step ahead of the field and perhaps two or three steps ahead; it was only Miu Hirano when she faced Chen Mengand Tomokazu Harimoto when he confronted Xu Xin who really posed any threats at all.



Furthermore, that threat was quickly annulled; quite simply you must salute China, the thoroughly professional approach reaped dividends. Gold for China and there was a bonus; playing in his first Asian Championships, Liang Jingkun passed the test.


Success for China and in a different manner there was success for India in the men’s team event as well as in the women’s team competition for DPR Korea and Thailand. All started the tournament in the qualification stage, all finished in a position that means, providing the system is the same in 2021, they will receive direct entries to the quarter-finals. India finished in fifth place in the men’s team event, in the women’s team competition it was fifth position for DPR Korea and sixth spot for Thailand.


In the men’s event the outfit to depart the top six was Singapore, a very young team, they finished in eighth spot; in the women, Hong Kong and Korea Republic who concluded matters in seventh and eighth places respectively.


It was not the best of fortunes for Hong Kong, no place on the podium; for Chinese Taipei bronze medals, a notable performance in the men’s event considering there was no Lin Yun-Ju or Chuang Chih-Yuan.


Meanwhile, from outside the top teams, Saudi Arabia impressed in the men’s team event, they finished in 11th place and very much set the standard for west Asia as did Iran for mid Asia, seventh place was the of the men’s team.

Silver for Korea Republic in the men’s team event, in the counterpart women’s competition, it was runners up spot for Japan; both well beaten by China, simply a class apart.


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