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Aim for the Stars workshop

Friday 20 September

Aim for the Stars workshop 


Following many successful ATTU Development Projects over the last decades such as Ideal Asia, China Table Tennis Association Equipment Assistance, Double Happiness Fund Program and Pathways to Success, ATTU is pleased to announce our new project “Aim for the Stars”.




“Aim for the Stars” is an innovative and flexible two year project with an annual budget of US$250,000 to meet the needs of both the Regions and the National Associations.


The first timeframe will start immediately and conclude by the Tokyo Olympics, while the second timeframe will begin with the Tokyo Olympics and conclude by the 2021 Asian Championships.


Mr Glenn TEPPER, former ITTF Deputy CEO, ITTF staff member for 20 years, and the person responsible for setting up the ITTF Development Program and ITTF Coach Accreditation system, and now recently appointed ATTU Projects Director, will lead this project together with ATTU Development Director Afshin BADIEE.



Mr Tepper and Mr Badiee presented this project to the ATTU Executive Board on 16 September, and the ATTU BGM on 18 September, before an indepth workshop for the National Associations and Regions on 19 September at the Asian Championships at Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


The varying needs and priorities were discussed in a regional brainstorming session, with one major project to benefit eachregion, together with individual funding for the National Associations according to their needs was agreed between the National Associations of each region and ATTU.

The workshop also covered useful topics such as accessing funds and programs from different sources and the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity Programs.


Mr Tepper said “ I am extremely happy to work together with ATTU on this exciting new project. The National Associations have reacted very favourably to this new concept and we look forward to moving to the implementation stage once all the detailed applications have been received”


Mr Badiee said “We have done a lot in last two decades to reduce the gap between East and other regions of Asia. And we can now proudly announce that we are getting there, but there is still lot more to be done to make balance in every region hence our new project “Aim for the Stars” 


Approximately 50 people from more than 24 countriesparticipated in the workshop


Take a look here for the great workshop!


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