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ATTU “Aim for the Stars” South Asia Training Camp underway

Saturday 09 November

ATTU “Aim for the Stars” South Asia Training Camp underway

At the inaugural “Aim for the Stars” workshop each Asian Region was asked to prioritise one major activity for the region.

For South Asia there was little debate as the South Asia Games in Nepal December 1-12, 2019 were rapidly approaching and this multi-sport games based on the Olympics was the priority for all countries.

Mr Choudhary and Mr Singh of India kindly offered the Anshul Garg Academy in New Dehli, India, as the venue, at a very good price to assist South Asia , and has proved to be an excellent choice.

Head Coaches for the South Asia Training Camp include Anshul Garg[IND] and Mario Genovese[MLT], who is Head Coach of HITT Academy in Malta and leads many International Training Camps with the United Table Tennis Coaching Team.

Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka, are greatly enjoying the training under the head coaches and with high level Indian sparring partners. Afghanistan are expected to arrive imminently following some visa issues.


It is a great honour and privilege to be heading this 3 weeks Training Camp at one of India's foremost coaching schools, the Anshul Garg Academy, for the ATTU Aim for the Stars. The players are all super motivated with relentless energy and are surely following their dreams. 

The objective of the 'Aim for the stars' camp will be attained as we touch upon all aspects of high-performance table tennis, handling technical aspects, biomechanics, strategy and tactics, mental training and much more.

The group will also undergo ITX training, a physio-psychological system strengthening the core functions of our thinking patterns during play.”

Mario Genovese[MLT] Joint Head Coach

“We have the immense pleasure to host the ATTU Aim for the Stars South Asia Training Camp at Anshul Garg Academy. We strive to make this a learning experience for every player as well as us”

Anshul Garg[IND] Joint Head Coach

“I am really impressed by the training being conducted and how the trainees have taken it onboard. The joy on their faces says it all.”

Ali Nashid, Maldives

“Very happy the coaches are teaching us everything in a very special way. We have learned a lot of new things including the ITX system which toughens and trains the brain to work efficiently. The small lectures and tips are also so important and mean so much to improve our performance”

Ishara Madurangi, Sri Lanka

“We are learning a lot of things which I never knew before this training. All the team is so happy to be a part of your effective and detailed training, you teach us a lot of things about modern table tennis. We also love the ITX session which feels so good working with our mind”

Rifat Mahmud Sabbir, Bangladesh




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