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Nepal Junior Training Camp, Anshul Garg Academy, India

Monday 20 January

ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Nepal Junior Training Camp, Anshul Garg Academy, India, 20-29 January, 2020

As the host of the South Asia Games in December, Nepal was unable to attend the ATTU “Aim the Stars” South Asia Regional Training Camp in Anshul Garg Academy, India in November. Mr MP Singh and the Table Tenis Federation of India very kindly agreed that Nepal could attend in January instead.

Nepal has their own ATTU “Aim for the Stars” National Project in December, being a National Junior Camp led by Anshul Garg[IND], so it was logical to select the best boys, girls and coaches to attend the 10 day training in India.

Anshul Garg commented: “It has indeed been a wonderful experience for me as an expert, coaching Nepal Junior Paddlers ( 4 Boys and 4 Girls), particularly having coached them in Kathmandu, Nepal one month earlier. All the players had a lot of commitment and enthusiasm to improve their skills. They have shown a commendable improvement in the playing arena and there was no lack of dedication at their end. Main emphasis was laid on multi-ball training and service practice and the result was visible with every paddler improving his or her foot work and consistency. Training for Physical fitness was also accorded utmost importance and on alternate days, early bird training sessions for one hour were kept in the morning from 7 AM to 8 AM for all the players”

The Nepal Team was accompanied by 2 young and energetic coaches namely Nabita Shreshtha and Ashish Awale. Both the Coaches were very committed and hard working and their only dream was to see their players gain maximum skills and to be on the top in table tennis.

Garg continued: “With the kind of dedication and positive attitude of Nepal paddlers, I am pretty sure that one day they would certainly make their country proud.

 I wish them all the best for all their future endeavours.

Needless to mention that whatever ATTU is doing for the development of Table Tennis is really superb and commendable. These kind of Coaching Camps will certainly benefit the up-coming players and ensure growth of Table Tennis in the region.

My sincere gratitude to ATTU and their innovative “Aim for the Stars” Project, TTFI and All Nepal Table Tennis Association (ANTTA) for having reposed their trust in me. With this, I only get further strengthened and motivated to even deliver better in future.

Nepal Coach Nabita Shrestha commented: “It was an amazing experience for me as a coach to work with Indian Expert Ansul Garg. There was not even a single day where players felt bored. The socio-cultural environment of Anshul Garg Academy made them more enthusiastic. All the players were so hardworking, committed and dedicated that within a short period of time they had a remarkable improvement. The main emphasis was given to the multiball training  and service practise which results in better footwork, consistency and better knowledge of the contact point of the ball. Not only that more focus was given to the matches where players can put their new learnt skilled, tactics and techniques in the matches. 

“Aims for the stars” project has tremendously benefitted the up- coming players and corroborate the growth of Table Tennis in the region.

I sincerely would like to thank All Nepal Table Tennis Association and Asian Table Tennis Union for  trusting and giving me this opportunity.  I can assure you that I will leave no stone unturned to take Nepal Junior Team in the next level if we are given this type of opportunity time and again.”


Videos showing how the camp went:

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