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ATTU “Aim for the Stars” URC Course in Bhutan (Part 2)

Thursday 20 February

C.K. Chan, the Course Conductor and Trainer, concluded the courses on 17th February by acknowledging the positive atmosphere among the group, hard work and dedication of all the participants and encouraged them to continue to work and learn in improving their knowledge and skills of officiating.




The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Sonam Karma Tshering and Mr. Kesong Phuntsho, Secretary General and Programme Officer of the Bhutan National Olympic Committee respectively as well as Mr. Karma Tshering, General Secretary of Bhutan Table Tennis Federation.

During the closing ceremony, Mr. Sonam Karma Tshering reminded the candidates of the valuable opportunity for attending the courses and encouraged them to put whatever they managed to learnt into good use by training others in their colleges, schools and clubs.  He also stressed the importance of improving the standard of tournament organisation, particularly in table tennis.


So far, Bhutan has not organised any international table tennis event and now the foundations are laid for the first international tournament in the country in 2021 or perhaps even in 2020.

Overall a successful course, a fact underlined by Dala Thinley, the most senior member among the participants and a coach who said after attending the courses:

“I could learn new things every day.  During the referee course we learned how to schedule matches and prepare draw fixtures.  We also learned that a referee has to make decisions when umpire do not know how to make decision.  Most of our doubts were cleared and by now we know what is the role of umpire and referee.”


One of the candidates Namgay Dorji who is also the administrator for BTTF expressed:

 “The Course was very informative as it is first time for us to have such courses in our country.  I have learnt a lot and some of the doubts which I had are all cleared now.”


Another candidate, a 19-year old Thinley Penjor said:

“I have learnt a lot of things, such as Do’s and Don’ts.  Now I am more educated about umpiring and I am more confident with the knowledge and I will be able to help and teach my fellow mates.  I can proudly say that I benefited a lot from this course.”


After completing the courses, SUBBA Hem Raj who is a teacher from Phuentsholing commented:

“The Umpire Course gave me insight in conducting a match when we have been sometimes so complacent that we take for granted.  Role play and scenarios in the Referee Course further helped us to understand and interpret correctly.”


Bishal Gurung also from Phuentsholing commented:

 “So far in Bhutan, we have not had good knowledge of refereeing.  As I went through the referee training, I could clearly differentiate the roles and responsibilities of the referee.  The journey itself from scratch to the completion of the course was an extraordinary encounter loaded up with bunches of learning.”


(Photos: courtesy of C.K. Chan and participants)

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