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Mongolia train and compete in Korea with ATTU “Aim for the Stars”

Friday 06 March

6th March 2020


Mongolia train and compete in Korea with ATTU “Aim for the Stars”


Mongolia is the latest country to benefit from ATTU’s “Aim for the Stars” Project.

Mongolia’s National “Aim for the Stars” Project was to send 3 boys and 3 girls to Korea for training and competition from 28 January-29 February, under the leadership of Mongolia Table Tennis Association Foreign Department Head Bayarmagnai.B

Unfortunately due to Covid 19 they departed early on 18th of February, but still received over 3 weeks of strong training and competition, arriving safely home. 



The Mongolia Women’s team had training in Holston Women’s High School in Daejeon city, while the Mongolia Men’s team had training in in Dongsan and Duhu High School in Daejeon and Pohang City.


At the XIOM Cup the Men's team was in Group B of 6 teams. (Japan B, Mongolia, Duhu High School team, Deakwang High School, Kazakhstan, Asan High School) and defeated both Japan B  and Kazakhstan before losing in the quarter final to Belgium. 

The Women's team was also in Group B of 6 teams. (Japan A, 21st  High School, Guenhwa High School, Houston High School, Mongolia, Kazakhstan) and defeated Kazakhstan, Guenhwa High School and 21st  High School team before losing in the quarter final to Tugsan High School. 



Temuulen.M, an 18 year old member of the Men’s Team commented:

 “About competition, I could play many kind of players because XIOM Cup used a League format, so it was a very good experience for me. The training was little bit hard for me, but I learnt lot of things from the experts and Korean coaches”


Bolor-Erdene.B, a 16 year old member of the Women’s Team commented:

“This is my first time training in foreign country. I could learn some new skills from Korean young players. They do very well and have high level, hard training everyday. It was so good experience and good memory." 



Clearly both training and competition was excellent and they plan to repeat this at the same time next year.


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