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Myanmarr “Aim for the Stars” National Project   

Saturday 31 October

Myanmarr “Aim for the Stars” National Project   


Continuing to expand table tennis has been a great challenge during covid 19.


Myanmarr is no exception but they came up with the innovative idea of supporting all 15 states of Myanmarr with equipment in preparation for re-opening to activities.



32 tables and nets, 192 rackets, 160 3 star balls and 3200 training balls were purchased through their ATTU “Aim for the Stars” National Project funding, with each state to receive 2 tables, 12 rackets, 10 3 star balls and 200 training balls with the remaining equipment for the Myanmar Table Tennis Federation Training Center.



Aung Khiang from Myanmar Table Tennis Federation stated:

 The project soley focuses on upgrading and increasing the availability of table tennis equipment in all 15 different states throughout the country and the Myanmar Table Tennis Federation Training Center.This would be done by purchasing 4 different types of table tennis equipments from Yinhe (China);namely(1)Tables(2) Rackets (3) Competitive Balls(4) Training Balls. The main reason is that Yinhe has open up a local distribution branch in Yangon and of partner of Myanmar Table Tennis.This would reduce money spent the shipping costs and purchase more equipment also less delivery duration about 3 week.“



He continued:

Due to the covid-19 second wave outbreak in Yangon, Myanmar, we can't cross another township around Yangon and there has been bans imposed on interstate travels. So, we will try our best and plan to distribute and hold an official ceremony in end of November 2020 or as soon as possible.”



He concluded:

“The MTTF is grateful for the support you have given throughout this time and any suggestions from you regarding this matter are also very much welcomed”


Editor: Glenn Tepper


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