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2009 Asian Championships

Wednesday 17 June


                    19TH ASIAN TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS             



The 19th Asian Table Tennis Championships will be organized by the Table Tennis Federation of India under the Authority of Asian Table Tennis Union




The Championships will be held at Lucknow, India from 16th to 22nd  November, 2009


Venue :   UP Badminton Academy, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow (India)      


2.    Events


The following events will be played


Event 1:   Men?s Team

Event 2;   Women?s Team

Event 3:   Men?s Singles

Event 4:   Women?s Singles

Event 5:   Men?s Doubles

Event 6:   Women?s Doubles

Event 7:   Mixed Doubles


3.    Schedule


       13th November 2009,  Friday


       12:00 Hrs     Draw for Team Events  Stage I


       15th November 2009 Sunday

       17.00     Jury Meeting   /    Team Managers Meeting

       19.00     Umpires Briefing

       19.30     Welcome Dinner

       16th November 2009 Monday

       09.00    Men?s Team /Women?s Team  -  Ist Division Group Round Robin

       17.00     Opening Ceremony

       19.00     Draw for Individual Events.

       17th November 2009 Tuesday    

       09.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs

       Men?s & Women?s Team Events ? Ist Division  STAGE II

       Men?s & Women?s Team Events ? Ist Division  STAGE II  FINALS

       Position Matches Men?s Team & Women?s Team.

       18th November 2009 Wednesday

       09.00 hrs to 21 hrs

Men?s Team and Women Teams Champions Division Quarter Finals

        Men?s Team and Women Teams Champions Division Semi Finals

       Mixed Doubles 1 &  2  Rounds


       19th November 2009 Thursday

       09.00 hrs to 22 hrs

       Mixed Doubles 3 Round

       Men Singles        Round 1

       Women Singles Round 1

Men?s Team and Women Teams Champions Division FINALS

Award Ceremony

       20th November 2009 Friday

       09.00 hrs to 22 hrs

       Mixed Doubles Round 4 & Quarter Finals

       Women Doubles  Round 1 & 2

       Men Doubles  Round 1 & 2

       Women?s Singles Round 2 & 3

       Men?s Singles Round 2 & 3

       21st  November 2009 Saturday

       09.00 hrs to 22 hrs

       Women?s Doubles Round 3, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals

       Men?s Doubles  Round 3,Quarter Finals, Semi Finals

       Women?s Singles Pre Quarters & Quarter Finals

       Men?s Singles Pre Quarters & Quarter  Finals

       Mixed Doubles Semi Finals & finals

       Award ceremony


       22nd  November 2009 Sunday

       10.00 hrs to 17 hrs

       Women Singles Semi Final.

       Men Singles Semi Final.

       Women Doubles Final.

       Men Doubles Final.

       Award Ceremony.

       Women Singles Final.

       Men Singles Final.

       Award Ceremony.

              * Schedule is subject to change.



4.      Equipment


          The following Equipments will be used in the Championships


Table: JOOLA (Blue in colour) / Joola Net Assembly /Ball: Nittaku  (White) /

Floor: Stag, Red



    5. Draw

The Draw will be made under the supervision of ATTU Technical committee. Draw for team events will take place on 13th November at 12.00 hrs and for Individual Events on 16th November at 19.00 hrs.


   6.      Jury

The Jury will meet on 15th November 2009 at 17.00 hrs and on subsequent occasions during the Championships if needed. An Association directly affected by a matter under consideration is entitled to be represented


      System of Play


Men?s and Women?s Team Event


Team Events will be divided into Champion Division and 1st Division.

Champion Division will be played at direct 2nd Stage by Knock out system

Champion Division will consist of top 6 teams from the latest results of the Asian Championships  and top 2 teams (winner & runner up) from the results of the 1st Division at the Championships

All the remaining teams except the top 6 teams will be divided into 2 or 4 groups according to the entries.   In the first stage they will play the round  robin league  The winners will play the second stage which will be on KO basis . The remaining teams will play KO for the position matches. The winner and runner up teams will have another chance to challenge     

the champion division


The matches in the team events will be decided by best of 5 singles and the order of play shall be   A  vs  X,   B  vs Y,  C  vs  Z,  A  vs Y,   B   vs   X.  All matches will be decided by best of  5 games


Individual Events


All individual events shall be played in knock-out system. Matches in singles event shall be played in best  of seven games and all doubles matches shall be played in best of five games upto quarter finals.  The Semi finals and Finals shall be decided by best of seven games





       Team Events


       For champion division, champion team and runner-up team shall be placed at the top (1)

              and bottom (8).


       The 3rd teams and 4th teams shall be drawn between 4 and 5.


       5th team and 6th teams shall be drawn between 3 and 6.


The winner teams and runner up teams of 1st division shall be drawn between 2 and 7 position. Seeding of the teams for both champion division and 1st division shall be based on the latest results for  Asian Championships. Any disputes because of the absentees or new players will be resolved according to the ITTF teams ranking and the  decision of the Technical & Rules Committee shall be final.


Individual Events


For Individual Events the latest World ranking of ITTF will be followed (WR 09/09) will be taken as the base for the seeding purpose.      


8.    Hospitality


The Organizing Association shall provide free hospitality from the dinner  15th November,2009 to the breakfast of  23rd Novemver, 2009:which includes board and lodge to the following


(8.1)    not more than 8 players including playing and non-playing captain competing in both the men's and women's event

(8.2)  not more than 4 players including playing and non-playing captain competing only in men's team event.

(8.3)  not more than 4 players including playing and non-playing captain competing only in women's team event.

(8.4)      one delegate from each of the Association if he is not included in the nominated players listed above.

(8.5)      All members of ATTU Executive Board, Technical and Rules Committee, Coaching and Junior Committee and the Secretariat Staff.  The Chairman of the Technical Committee and ATTU Secretariat staff shall be given hospitality 3 days prior to the commencement of the Championships.

(8.6) The expenses of Chairman, Technical & Rules Committee/Technical delegate including air passage to the Championships and the draw shall be borne by the organizer.




(8.7) Same hospitality shall be provided to associate members, extra persons or for the extra period of stay at the expense of US $ 150 for Single room per person and US $ 120 for Double Room per person per day

(8.8)  Those participating players, coaches and officials who will not use official accommodation should pay US $ 160 per person as the entry fee



9.    Entry  


Entries shall be submitted only in the entry form   attached to this prospectus


(9.1)        An Association may nominate not more than 5 players for the men's team event; not more than 5 players for the women's team event; 5 players for men's singles; 5 players for women's singles: 2 pairs for men?s and women?s doubles and 5 pairs for mixed doubles.

(9.2)        All players taking part in the men's and women's singles may participate in the men's and women's doubles and mixed doubles. Pairing of players from different associations is  not permissible.

(9.3)        Each Associate Member Association shall pay a capitation fee of ----------------- or equivalent to the Union to be eligible for entering its teams in the Championships.


(9.4)  Preliminary entry should be submitted before 14th September,2009


(9.5)  The last date for submission of Final entries 14th October,2009


(9.6)  Closing Date for Travel Plan :  1st November, 2009


(9.7) Canceling entry and accommodation:  For those  association  who cancel their entry and accommodation after 6th November ,2009  the organizing committee will charge US $ 90 per person per day



10.       Accompanying visitors

Officials who are listed on Associations official entry forms but not entitled to free hospitality can be accommodated with the other on the same basis, including meals, Transport and Admission, at a charge of US$ 120 per person per day in a twin/Doubles Room or US$ 150 per person per day in a Single Room. All fee paying officials will be accommodated in the four / three star hotel.



11.  Awards

In both Team (Champions Division)  and Individual Events, the winner, runner up and Loosing Semi Finalists will receive gold, silver and bronze medals respectively.


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