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Asian Events Introduction

Thursday 18 June

               Asian Championships

Asian Championships is a traditional biyearly continental event,
which started in 1972. With the 30-year history , it is also the most
important competition for Asia table tennis . Generally speaking ,

Asian Championships will be held in the later half of an odd year.
Unlike Asian Cup, Asian Championships attracts participation from all
regions of Asia, including East Asia , Southeast Asia , South Asia ,
Middle Asia and West Asia.The competition consists of 7 events,which
are Men\'s & Women\'s Singles, Men\'s & Women\'s Doubles ,Mixed

Doubles,and Men\'s &Women\'s Team.
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Asian Cup

Asian Cup is an annual continental table tennis competition founded

in 1983.Comparing with Asian Championships , Asian Cup is smaller in

scale but more competitive. Asian Cup only has single events. Asian Cup

only invites 16 players from each gender. However , in order to display

the best table tennis of all Asia, the selection of players does not only take the representation of each Asian region into consideration,but also focuses

on the world ranking of the players.
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                Euro - Asia All Star Challenge

The Euro - Asia All Star Challenge is a biannual event, with two legs in
Europe and Asia respectively. The concept of this competition was firstly
introduced several decades ago, but it was halted due to some unforeseen
reasons. However, this prestigious competition will restart from this year .
The will be an interesting launching ceremony for 2009 Euro-Asia All Star
Challenge in Istanbul, Turkey, which is considered as the cross point
of Europe and Asia.
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  Asian Junior Championships

Asian Junior Championships is the sole continental competition for Asian
teenagers who adore table tennis. Usually, the Asian Junior Championships
is scheduled in the last week of July . From 2007 , this competition has been
organizing by rotational system, which means each Asia region will stage the
Asian Junior Championships in terms.Before the Asian Junior Championships,
there will be regional qualification matches for this competition.
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