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Launching of ATTU “Aim For the Stars “Project in YEMEN

Monday 23 November

Launching of ATTU “Aim For the Stars “Project in YEMEN


ATTU “Aim for the Stars” are very pleased to be able to assist Yemen to reactivate table tennis after a particularly difficult period, not only due to covid 19.

Supported by ATTU ”Aim for the Stars” Program, Yemen TTA launched the ATTU ”Aim for the Stars” local project, with 3 training camps in 3 major governorates: Sana’a, Ibb, and Hajjah started for 35 Juniors and Cadets ( 28 boys - 7 girls ) from 21st Nov. To 17th Dec. 2020.

The Project Goals include:

  1. Rebuild and activate Yemen Table Tennis after it's deterioration because of the current situation in Yemen.
  2. Restore players’ level
  3. Attract new talents to restore and develop table tennis in Yemen

The training program is containing:

⁃ Physical training: Warming, muscle stretch, muscle building, running, footwork, and so...

⁃ Technical training: Forehand, backhand, spin, service, receive, multi ball,

⁃ Tactical training

⁃ Weekly matches

⁃ Lectures and table tennis videos watching

Each of 35 players and 5 coaches has received the following items

⁃ 2 Stiga rubbers ⁃ 1 wood blade ⁃ 1 tracksuit ⁃ 2 T-Shirts ⁃ 2 Shorts ⁃ Pair of shoes ⁃ Pair of socks Glues and 2000 balls have been handed to the coaches.


Training Camp in Sana’a:

Yemen Table Tennis Association launched this afternoon, Saturday, 21st Nov. in the Al-Ahly Club hall in Sana'a, the training camp for table tennis in the capital Sana'a, with the support of ATTU ” Aim for the Stars” program in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the Sports Sector Mr. Abbas Almadwami, the President of the Yemen Table Tennis Association Dr. Esam Alsunaini, The Secretary-General of Yemen TTA Mr. Motahar Zabarah, Mr. Mohamed Alhashemi the financial officer, and Ali Aldirim member of the Board of YTTA.

During the opening, the President of YTTA stressed on the players and coaches the necessity of commitment during the camp period, he explained the objectives of this camp represented in building and qualifying young players to raise their table tennis levels, refine their skills and discover new talents in a way that leads to expanding the base of Yemeni table tennis, he also thanked the ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Program for the support provided to this camp. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the sports sector urged everyone to make maximum efforts to benefit from this program, which is organized with the support of the Asian Table Tennis Union, praising the efforts of the Yemen Table Tennis Association in holding events despite the difficult circumstances and critical situation in the country, wishing this program to achieve the desired goals in raising the levels of players to achieve the results expected from them.


The Secretary General of Yemen TTA explained the technical program of the camp and the importance of commitment to implement it by everyone, (coaches and players), and the need for discipline to achieve maximum benefit from this program. All participants thanked the ATTU Development Program “Aim for the Stars” Program for the support of YTTA project.


Participants in the training camp in Sana’a: 19 junior and cadet players (12 boys-7 girls) are participating in this camp:


Boys: 1- Ayman Aldhamari 2- Wael Alsaiedi 3- Ashraf Shawqi 4- Ali Alwasiey 5- Amjad Albarati 6- Abdulrahman Shubail 7- Rayan Alyafaiey 8- Muneer Aldhubhani 9- Karam Alamawi 10- Mohannad Alsanhani 11- Abdullah Manshilen 12- Ayman Almaflihi


Girls: 1- Raghad Jamil 2- Asia Jamil 3- Raghad Aldobaie 4- Basmalah Alraimi 5- Rahaf Almatari 6- Layan Alyafaiey 7- Nora Albahri


Coaches: 1- Nabil Aldhamari, Head Coach. 2- Nashwan Alhammadi, girl’s coach. 3- Hani Alhammadi, assistant coach

Dr. Esam Alsunaini, President of Yemen TTA said:

“I'm sure that this ATTU ”Aim for the Stars” project in Yemen will move the Yemeni table tennis step forward, 3 training camps in three governorates, 35 players, this is great for our beloved game, I wish the players and coaches all the best urging them to work hard to learn table tennis techniques, many thanks to ATTU for this support ”


Motahar Zabarah, Secretary General of Yemen TTA continued:

 “After 6 years of deteriorating Yemeni table tennis as a result of the difficult situation we were facing in our country, ATTU ” Aim for the Stars ” program gives us hope to rebuild the Yemeni Table Tennis again. These camps in 3 governorates will contribute to the development of the players' performance and the discovery of new talents to support the national teams. We thank the ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Program, and we hope that this program will achieve its goals in Yemen”.


Nabil Aldhamari, Head Coach of the training camp, Sana’a followed up:

“I'm very proud to be selected by YTTA to be the head coach of this training camp supported by ATTU ”Aim for the stars” program, I and my team will do our best to teach players the best of table tennis to improve their performance to be able to restoration Yemen table tennis, thanks to YTTA and to ATTU”.


Training Camp in Ibb City:

Launched officially on Wednesday 18th November in Alshaab Club hall in the presence of the Director General of Sports and Youth and some of sports leaders in Ibb governorate, and Mr. Motahar Zabarah, Secretary General of YTTA.


Speeches were delivered by: ⁃ General Director of sports and Youth in Ibb ⁃ Secretary General of YTTA ⁃ Head of YTTA branch in Ibb


8 juniors and cadets players are participating in this training camp in Ibb: 1- Mostafa Alkahsah 2- Islam Dahman 3- Mohamed Alkahsah 4- Abdulrahman Albaadani 5- Moataz Alnajar 6- Mohamed Sharaf 7- Mohamed Albaadani 8- Abdulaziz Ghazi


Coach was Adel Jawas



Ibrahim Almsawa, General Director of Sports and Youth in Ibb Governorate said:

 “I’m very pleased to attend the launch of this training camp supported by ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Program, this camp will help players to learn new techniques of table tennis to improve their TT levels, thanks to YTTA for usual cooperation, special thanks to ATTU for their support by giving TT player in Ibb this opportunity by conducting this training Camp especially during the current difficult situation in our country”.


Adel Jawas, Coach of Ibb Table Tennis training Camp continued:

“I have the honor to be selected to be the coach of the training camp in Ibb, I and players will work very hard during this training camp, I'm sure that at the end of the camp we will see a good result, we will continue our daily training even after the end of this camp, thank to ATTU “Aim for the Stars” program.


Mostafa Alkahsah, junior player, Ibb city said: “I'm very happy to participate in this training camp; I will do my best to learn to improve my table tennis as much as possible” while Islam Dahman, Cadet player, Ibb city said: “This training camp gives us the hope to improve our table tennis and continue our training and playing our beloved sport”.


Training Camp in Hajjah:

Launched on Wednesday 18th November, in the presence of Dr. Esam Alsunaini, President of YTTA, General Director of Sports and Youth in Hajjah, and head of YTTA branch in Hajjah. Speeches were delivered in the launching by the President of YTTA, General Director of Sports and Youth in Hajjah, Head of YTTA branch in Hajjah



8 junior and cadet players are participating in the training camp in Hajjah Governorate: 1- Ahmed Albahri 2- Hizam Walid 3- Mazin Faletah 4- Emad Wader 5- Bandar Alhosam 6- Amro Hani 7- Hosam Wader 8- Ibrahim Matar. Coach was Bandar Wader



Bandar Wader, Coach of Hajjah camp said:

“Thanks YTTA for selecting Hajjah Governorate to conduct this training camp, this camp will be useful for junior and cadet players to improve their table tennis skills, I’m very happy to work as a coach in this camp”


Editor: Glenn Tepper

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