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All Star Series Asian Stage ends with Team Asia's victory

Thursday 27 August

After two days' fierce combat, Team Asia achived the winning result of 6-4 to Team Europe, awarded the champion team and concluded the First Stage in Asia.  

Beijing, August 25th, 2009: ASIA-EUROPE 3:2. CHEUNG-OVTCHAROV 1:3: MA Long-KREANGA 3:0; CHUAN-MAZE 2:3; MA Lin-SAMSONOV 3:1; JOO-PERSSON 3:1


OVTCHAROV and Maze ?s shinning performance shows their great potential and Europe's future. 



 Maze was on Fire


 Two Chinese Stars Ma Long and Ma Lin brought back Asian team?s confidence,



Ma Lin?s experience, skills and speed made him outperform Samsonov


Veteran Persson strived to play the best of himself


JOO Se Hyuk made the winning touch in the final tough battle against the Swedish veteran Persson. 


Joo?s backhand chop and counterattack style


Beijing, August 26th, 2009: ASIA-EUROPE 3:2. CHUAN-PERSSON 3:0; MA Lin-KREANGA 3:2; JOO-OVTCHAROV 1:3; MA Long-SAMSONOV 3:0; CHEUNG-MAZE 2:3


OVTCHAROV, Europe 's future backbone


OVTCHAROV 's strong power attack defeated Cheung Yuk and Joo Se Hyuk in two games.


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