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Long Golden Era of Mr. Mool Chand Chowhan comes to an end

Monday 21 September




With a seismic shock it is pathetic to report the sad and sudden demise of Mr. Mool Chand Chowhan, our Secretary General, who died in the early hours (00:30 hrs) of 11th September, 2009., in S K Sony Hospital, in Jaipur , India. He was hospitalized for nearly a month fighting for the life. The funeral was held on the same day at around 14:00 hrs in his home town of Ajmer (Rajasthan). Large number of politicians, eminent sports personalities and people from all walks of life paid last tributes to this great personality. The print and electronic media also paid rich tributes to Mr. Chowhan

It was not just his broad frame and imposing height that made him stand out in a gathering but he had a booming voice, smiling face and an excellent Leadership qualities. He was a self effacing individual who always put the sport, especially Table-Tennis above everything else.

He was widely known as Chowhan Sahib, born on 13th August, 1927, in the farmer family and was the eldest son. Mr. Chowhan, was a great and courageous administrator, that he took Table Tennis Federation of India into greater heights. He became the Secretary General in the year 1982 which was the beginning of a Golden Era of Table Tennis started in the Country. For 27 years he carried on the administration and build the Federation from strength to strength, and today, the table tennis in the country has gone far high from where he took over. No doubt it was possible because of the tireless hard work put on by this gentleman knocking every opportunity to improve the standards of the game. Not even the great oceans can shake the confidence and ability of Mr. Chowhan when it comes to administration and organization of Major Table Tennis Championships.

He was the Vice president of the India Olympic Association and, Secretary General of Commonwealth Table Tennis Union, Deputy Vice President of Asian Table Tennis Union. Elected as one of the Board of Directors of International Table Tennis Federation. He was the Chairman of Rajasthan State Sports Council from 1989 to 1992, which is known as a Golden period of Sports Council. The present shape of modern SMS Stadium was giving during his period. He was also the Chef-de-mission of the Indian Contingent in various games.

He was the recipient of Olympic Order Award in 2004 awarded by the International Olympic Committee, which have him the prestige of being the 4th Indian to receive this Award, late Smt. Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India

His life was totally committed to the Table Tennis & Sports. He was instrumental in improving the standard of Table Tennis in the Country and creates an impression of Indian players in the global level. He was courteous, ever smiling and blessed with delightful sense of humor Mr. Chowhan slipped into every roll the Table Tennis offered to him with ease. He has organized the World Championships and many International events like the Commonwealth Championships, the Asian Championships etc.

He went out of his way to encourage juniors. He was instrumental in defying skeptics and picking the youngsters. He established the 1st Table Tennis Academy of its kind at Ajmer with the help of Petroleum Sports Control Board in the year 1996 which has produced many International players. He made Ajmer the Mecca of Table Tennis. He was the one man force behind the construction of multi purpose Indoor Stadium at Ajmer.

He always think and dream of Table Tennis he continued to love the game the very last. He was the uncrowned father of India?s modern Table Tennis. His critics were inclined to appreciate his efficiency of the work. He was an institution by himself. Indian Table Tennis will find it hard to fill the void.

Today, India has occupied a place in the global world of Table Tennis, thanks to the vision of this legendary personality. The sad end of a Golden Era of Table Tennis in India, no doubt a great vacuum, which time alone can heal. His name will be engraved in Golden Letters in the annals of sports in the country. Certainly posterity will be proud of this great man and his contributions to the game of Table Tennis.

We dip our banner as a mark of respect to the departed soul. We pray for the departed soul to rest in peace. Chowhan Sahib Amar Rahe!!!

Yours in Sorrow

Ajay Singh Chautala

President, MP

Table Tennis Federation of India

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