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2020 ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Summary

Thursday 31 December

Dear ATTU EB and all Member Associations,


First of all, I like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

As a difficult 2020 is drawing to a close it is good to reflect on the past year, and look forward to 2021.

ATTU’s newest Development Project “Aim for the Stars” was born but most competitions, development activities, and even training in most countries was stopped due to covid19 so this caused us to be more innovative and flexible.

Prior to covid19 gripping most countries ATTU’s newest initiative “Aim for the Stars” was able to assist with:

  • South Asia Training Camp in India as preparation for South Asia Games
  • Training Camps in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Korea for Mongolia, India for Nepal
  • Equipment assistance packages including
    • 5400 balls for Iran
    • Rubbers for Oman junior players
    • 32 tables, 192 rackets, 800 3 star balls, 3200 training balls shared equally with 16 states in Myanmarr
    • Atoll Development Program Equipment-6 tables, 60rackets, 600 balls in Maldives
  • Support to attend World Tour events for Iran and UAE
  • Support to attend Junior Circuit events for Saudi Arabia and Jordan
  • URC courses for Bhutan


During the shutdown of most countries ATTU “Aim for the Stars” with the close co-operation of Korea Table Tennis Association[KTTA] introduced a series of 12 online coaching videos co-ordinated by LEE Jongsan, KTTA International Relations Director, and Glenn TEPPER, ATTU Projects Director, released weekly and including Korean stars JANG Woo-Jin, CHO Dae Sung, LEE Sang Su, An Jae Hyun, and defense maestro JOO Se Hyuk.


Later in the year as some countries started to better manage covid19 we provided a more innovative and flexible approach to what we did. To date this has included the following completed projects:

  • Junior Training Camp in Qatar including 70 players from 9 clubs
  • Training camp in Mongolia including equipment assistance of 15 Tenergy rubbers, 1000 training balls, 300 practise balls
  • 3 Junior Training Camps in 3 major governorates: Sana’a, Ibb, and Hajjah in Yemen, each close to one month long

While many projects have started, will start soon or are planned including:

  • An ambitious project across 10 provinces in Afghanistan, including education, equipment assistance, training and a first ever Afghanistan Cadet Championships underway
  • Bangladesh Junior Training Camp underway and equipment assistance and 9 Stag tables-nets and 1800 3 star balls planned
  • A Junior Training Camp and Equipment Assistance to commence in Malaysia next week
  • India Training Camp and Coach Education commencing mid-January
  • Male Schools Project + Addu City Atoll Development Program in Maldives to commence at the start of February
  • Sri Lanka Junior Training Camp in March
  • Cambodia Junior Training Camp to start in March + Equipment assistance-16 tables, 8 nets, 50 rackets, 100x3 star balls, 300x1 star balls, 50 surrounds, 8 scoreboards, 8 umpire tables
  • Junior training camp and coach education planned for Jordan
  • Thailand Level 2 Coach Education and Umpires Course planned
  • Philippines Junior Training Camp planned
  • Bahrain Junior Training Camp and equipment assistance planned
  • Turkmenistan Equipment assistance-DHS-39 tables, 25 nets,20 score recorders, 70 surrounds, 6 umpire tables-chairs, 12 towel stands, 250x3 star balls, 2880x1 star balls, 100 rackets planned
  • Vietnam Equipment assistance-20 tables, 20 rackets, 1100 balls, 10 surrounds, 6 towell stands,5 scoreboards, 3 umpire tables planned
  • Pakistan Junior Training Camp planned
  • Iraq Equipment assistance-35 tables, 40 nets, 207 rackets, 800 3 star balls, 2009 1 star balls, 1 scoreboard planned
  • Bhutan Equipment assistance-14 tables, 10 nets, 100 rackets,1002 3 star balls, 2004 1 star balls, 15 towell stands, 20 surrounds, 10 scoreboards, 10 umpire tables planned
  • Palestine Equipment assistance-16 tables-nets, 543 3 star balls planned
  • Oman Equipment assistance-6 tables, 12 rubbers, 1000 1 star balls + Local 2 week training camp 10 players + International Cadet-Junior Training Camp 6 players planned
  • Lebanon Equipment assistance-Stag-10 America Plus tables, 2000 Supreme balls, 500m flooring planned
  • Laos Equipment assistance-Stag-29 tables, 18 nets, 350 3 star balls, 4820 1 star balls, 10 towel stands, 10 umpire tables planned
  • Kazakhstan Equipment assistance-17 Donic tables planned
  • Kuwait Equipment assistance-50 rackets, 150 rubbers, 30 barriers, 2400 balls planned
  • Iran Equipment assistance-13,200 Nittaku Training Balls planned
  • Brunei Equipment assistance-Stag-16 tables-nets,105 rackets, 1200 3 star balls, 30 towel stands, 250 surrounds, 14 scoreboards, 15 umpire tables planned
  • Indonesia Equipment assistance-8 tables-nets, 10 gross 3 star balls planned
  • Kyrgzystan Equipment assistance-Stag-15 tables-nets, 2000x 3 star balls, 15 umpire tables, 30 towel stands, 30 score recorders, 50 surrounds planned

As you can see we have not sat quietly during covid19 times but for many countries rather than receiving the usual technical support from our international experts that is not possible during covid19 we have instead helped them prepare for opening up again with equipment support.


For those countries not listed above please feel free to contact us as offers have been sent already and we are ready to assist.


Last but not least, I like to thank all our Executive Board members and Regional Vice Presidents ( including Mr. Piradej who sadly passed away a few months ago) for their supports.  I am also grateful to Mr. Glenn Tepper who is the Director of our “Aim for the Stars” Program and all our secretariat who have worked tirelessly during the year to ensure our administration runs smoothly.


Thanks to all National Associations and the many administrators, coaches, players, officials and volunteers for making our sport one of the world’s best.

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy and productive 2021.


Yours in table tennis,


            Tony YUE                                                    Afshin BADIEE                                         Glenn TEPPER

  ATTU Secretary-General                              ATTU Development Director                         ATTU Projects Director

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