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Myanmarr “Aim for the Stars” Equipment Distribution   

Tuesday 12 January

Myanmarr “Aim for the Stars” Equipment Distribution   


Myanmarr’s ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Project  was supporting all 15 states of Myanmarr with equipment in preparation for re-opening to activities.



In total 32 tables and nets, 192 rackets, 160 3 star balls and 3200 training balls were purchased through their ATTU “Aim for the Stars” National Project funding, with each state to receive 2 tables, 12 rackets, 10 3 star balls and 200 training balls with the remaining equipment for the Myanmar Table Tennis Federation Training Center.




On 9th January 2021, ATTU “Aims for the Stars “Project Donation Ceremony was successfully completed at Myanmarr Table Tennis Federation[MTTF] Training Hall ,Yangon, Myanmar.


MTTF invited Special Guests as follows; 1. Mr Kyaw Soe Moe (Director  ,ISPE Yangon Head Master)   2. Mr Aung Moe (Director,Yangon Division,Ministry of Health and Sport) 3. Mr Aung Than (Deputy Director, Yangon Division,Ministry of Health and Sport) 4: Mr Kyaw Kyaw (President of MTTF), as well as MTTF Executives Members and States and Divisions Representatives, held according to COVID -19 regulations and social distancing.




The agenda included:

1.Opening speech form U KyawKyaw (President of MTTF)

2.Special Guest , President and MTTF Executive Committee Members presenting table tennis equipment to State and Division Representatives.

3.Special thank you speech from U Myint Saw (Ayarwaddy).

4.Closing and thank you speech to ATTU “Aim for the Stars” and Special Guests and all attended by  U Kyaw Kyaw (President of MTTF).

During the process, only one state from all Myanmarr, Mandalay Division was absent and still contacting, after which  we will sent their equipment to their Mandalay Committee.


Editor: Glenn Tepper

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