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International play curtailed, not for Ping Pong Parkinson

Tuesday 19 January

International play curtailed, not for Ping Pong Parkinson

Japan’s Asako Katagiri and Yurie Kato won women’s doubles gold at the inaugural 2019 World Parkinson’s Championships staged at the Westchester Table Tennis Centre in Pleasantville, New York from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October.

Now, even though the global pandemic has curtailed international play, borders closed, major cities in lockdown and quarantine the order of the day for those who venture to travel; for the venerable pair from the Land of the Rising Sun, there are no such barriers.

In the safety of their own homes, without opening the garden gate, they will once again be able to challenge for honours.

The Ping Pong Parkinson's Virtual Reality World Championships is planned for Sunday 11th April.

Nenad Bach, born in Croatia but now resident in Croton-on-Hudson in the leafy suburbs of New York, is the man at the helm of proceedings. A renowned peace activist and musician, who played alongside such celebrated artists as Luciano Pavarotti and Bono, is the founder of Ping Pong Parkinson, the initiator of the Parkinson’s World Championships.

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s; in 2015 he stopped playing the guitar in public, he was introduced to table tennis, now he can play, syncopation being possible.

“Coronavirus changed our lives for better and for worse”, said Nenad Bach. “I'm dedicated to improve a virtual reality platform that will help, going beyond social distancing and extending friendships all over the globe."

Relishing the challenge, Nenad Bach has joined forces with Roman Rekhler, the founder of Eleven Table Tennis, to host the innovative event; to date 260,000 users play table tennis in the comfort of their homes. Notably, esports has witnessed over 3,500 tournaments being played globally since the first video game was launched in 1972.

It is anticipated that entry details and full information will be published on Sunday 14th February.

Contact: Nenad Bach


Editor: Ian Marshall

Photo Credit: Warren Rosenberg

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