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Jordan’s ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Junior Training Camp, Coach Education and Referee’s Course

Saturday 27 February

Jordan’s ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Junior Training Camp, Coach Education and Referee’s Course

In view of the current circumstances related to the corona pandemic and the suspension of all external participation, plans needed to be changed several times in cooperation with the Asian Table Tennis Union “Aim for the Stars”.

 Finally a three part project including Junior Training Camp, Coach Education and Referee’s Course from 1-12 February in the capital Amman was instigated, including 42  Under12,Under15 and Under18  players from multiple cities as well as 16 coaches and referees.

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In order to achieve the health protocol and protect the players in the presence of 16 coaches, they were divided into groups to obtain the maximum covid-safe numbers. The coaches were distributed to the players on the first day of the training. Multiball training and physical training was given during this course. Certificates and prizes for players were presented on the last day.

Jordan’s International Referee, and Blue Badge umpire Ahmed Al-Masry, also provided a refresher course for intermediate level referees during this project.


Also included was a trainers course with the international expert Mohamed Al-Atoum, currently Oman National Coach, who supervised the trainers through Zoom.

He also participated with other coaches and trainers during the training and was very helpful and cooperative


He thanked the coaches and players and appreciated this initiative from the Jordanian Federation and ATTU “Aim for the Stars” as well as the establishment of many tournaments and local courses coming.
Also Hanadi Tuffaha, Camp Manager from Jordan TTF added:

“It was a wonderful direction from the Jordan Table Tennis Federation and Asia Table Tennis Union “Aim for the Stars”. A gathering of coaches who are able to give and show their best to everyone, while gathering talented players who want to play the game with their families supporting. A sophisticated and balanced supervision from the responsible and the President of the Federation. A family relationship in which love and brotherhood are among all. All of the above can lead to development, progress, and the advancement of the future generation, so that Jordan returns to its previous era among Arab countries as a serious competitor. Continued interest in coaches and their participation in specialized courses and external camps accompanied by players and players in the age groups and not being limited to individuals or specific players And to continue with the existing group of players and increase the number of promising people in centers and under the supervision of the best coaches of course.”

Editor: Glenn Tepper

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