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Indonesia’s ATTU  “Aim For the Stars” Equipment Support

Thursday 04 March

Indonesia’s ATTU  “Aim For the Stars” Equipment Support

After all the wait, due to the covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia finally could set up and display the table tennis equipment supported by ATTU “Aim For The Star” Program.

The 8 tables and 10 gross balls of 3 star balls will be used for the training our cadet and junior players throughout the year. The training center would be the first ever the Indonesian Table Tennis Association has had, and we really appreciate the ATTU's Aim For The Star equipment support to make this happen.

The training center would be a major step forward for Indonesians' table tennis to provide our young athletes with adequate and presentable place to train and improve their skill. Indonesian Table Tennis Association already planned several activites and events this year, to promote the place and attract more young potential players, including a training camp as the second part of the ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Project.The activities such as training camp and tryouts would be suitable events during this difficult time.

Our President Mr.Oegroseno commented about the ATTU “Aim For The Stars” Equipment Support;

" We are facing a very tough situation since last year, but we come to sense that we need to focus more on our young potential athletes for a brighter future. With ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Support, finally we could open our very own facility to be the center of our young athletes developments. We really hope to produce a potential top athletes out of this facility. We thank you ATTU for the continuous supports."

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