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Nepal "Aim for the Stars" Project

Friday 05 March

Nepal "Aim for the Stars" Project


One of the aims of the ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Project is to develop links between countries, between coaches, between experts.

This has certainly been the case with Nepal forging links with India and Indian Coach Anshul Garg through ATTU “Aim for the Stars”.

This included:

  • South Asia Regional Training Camp at Anshul Garg Academy, India 3-24.11.19 as preparation for the South Asia Games [A relationship developed between Nepal and Anshul Garg and Nepal asked if he could come to Nepal through ATTU “Aim for the Stars”]
  • Nepal Junior Training Camp in Kathmandu, Nepal, led by Anshul Garg, 22-26.12.19 [Anshul Garg became connected with Nepal’s Junior players and invited the best ones to his Academy with subsidised costs]
  • Nepal’s best 8 players from Nepal Junior Training Camp invited to Anshul Garg Academy, India 19-29.1.20
  • And now another Nepal Junior Training Camp in Kathmandu, Nepal, led by Anshul Garg, 25.2-2.3.21[After one year and the success of the previous projects they were ready to repeat the process]

  • Anshul Garg to provide scholarships to 4 boys and 4 girls to train at Anshul Garg Academy India for one month


    All this above was possible with an ATTU “Aim for the Stars” budget of just US$12,000 due to several factors:

  • India is a world leading country on the doorsteps of Nepal so expert travel costs were minimal
  • TTFI[India] were willing to assist and subsidised costs for their neighbouring countries
  • Anshul Garg as Head Coach for the all the above projects really wanted to help and provided passionate leadership, actively sought additional opportunities and solutions, and reduced costs where he could.

    Building these relationships and links creates an emotional connection that often last a lifetime.

    In more than 2 decades with ITTF and ATTU there is many, many examples like this, and is a great model for others to follow.


  • Chaturananda Rajvaidya, President All Nepal Table Tennis Association, Vice President and Executive Director NOC, Nepal:

    “The Aim for the Stars project launched by ATTU for young table tennis players is very important and useful to hunt the star table tennis players of the future I sincerely believe this project will definitely help to uplift the standard of the game in our country and in this region as well

    Thanks to ATTU and special thanks to Glenn Tepper”


    Shanker Gautam, Secretary General All Nepal Table Tennis Association and South Asia Table Tennis Federation:
    ATTU "Aim for the Stars" camp at Butwal was a fantastic platform to enhance young Nepal Paddlers knowledge of table tennis with ATTU Expert Anshul Garg. He shared his very vast knowledge about table tennis with our young paddlers”


    Anshul Garg Head Coach:

    “10 Girls and 14 Boys  attended the ATTU ‘’Aim for the Stars’’ Introductory Training Camp at Butwal.

    The Junior and Youth Nepal paddlers picked up the early nuances of the game. The relatively new players picked up both physically and mentally with enthusiasm. As a result, the camp proved to be purposeful for the campers and a tremendous experience for all of us, including myself. 

    The players have been able to improve in their techniques in all the areas like Physical, Mental Toughness, Footwork, Ball Control including technical and tactical aspects of the game. These improvements will definitely help them perform better in the future.

     As a gesture of goodwill, I also offered 70% Scholarship for these players to visit my Academy in India for a month, for just US $ 200 per player for the entire month inclusive of Training, Board and Lodging  through Nepal Table Tennis Association”


  • Sanyog Kapali , Nepal Men’s Team:

    “Thank you for organizing the ‘ATTU AIM FOR THE STARS’ training program. We are grateful for this tenacious training program. The guidance of Anshul Garg was very well received by all our junior players. The information and the additional support provided in this campaign were both fascinating and timely. Our players gained tremendous experience from this program.

    We express our gratitude & belief to “aim for the stars”, inspire the young talents, and positively impact their career.”

  • Susmita Khadka, Nepal Women’s Team

    “ At the ‘’Aim for the Stars’’  Training Camp we have learned so many techniques and tactics. We have improved and gain more motivation to train hard. This training was very helpful for us. We have acknowledge our mistakes and we are trying our best to overcome the mistakes. We pushed  ourselves to the best as much as we can. This training was wonderful and motivational. We hope to get to experience these types of training more and more in future”

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