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Saudi Arabia Junior Training Camp 10-24, March,2021

Sunday 04 April

In cooperation with Asia Table Tennis Union “Aim for the Stars” a training camp in AL-Hassa Club was held from 10-24 of March 2021 and under the umbrella and guidance of the Saudi Arabia Table Tennis Federation.

12 players took part in the training camp with the Korean coach LEE Young, local coach Mohammed Bordha and assistant Ahmed Yahya as well as 2 trainers.

The training included a morning session from 10: 00-13: 00 and an evening session 17: 00-20: 00

The training camp touched many topics regarding physical fitness, basic technique and tactics as well as educational classes that were prepared and equipped with all the available needs.

It was a really good idea to integrate the technical skill inside the hall with educational classes that develop the intellectual aspects of the player, and the extent of the player's understanding of that skill given inside the playing hall.

The players were asked about what is new and the outputs of this camp, and all of them were agreed:     “we learnt in this training camp the modernization in the game and that technical development is not limited to the input in the training hall, but there are other programs that must be focused on, and we do like to thank all our coaches and the SATTF and ATTU for this great opportunity to gather all of us and we are looking forward to more in near future”

LEE Young, the head coach of the training camp s also added:

 “The main goals of the camp are to raise the levels and technical skill of the players to a level capable of enjoying the game and competition and accessing the player's thinking to other ambitions. There are many plans and programs to support those goals and we have tried our best to work on that”.

On the other hand, the Executive Director of Al-Fateh Club, Mr. Ahmed Al-Issa, said:

“I would like to thank the ATTU for this program (Aim for the Stars), and thanks to the Saudi Arabia Table Tennis Federation. We are happy to implement this program as we express our interest and welcome in a more fruitful cooperation in implementing future programs that serve the country and the game in order to develop Saudi table tennis”

Njood Abdul Aziz Sultan the Director of Projects and the program in AL-Fateh club said:

“We would like to thank the Asian table Tennis Union “Aim for the Stars” for their tremendous support for Al Fateh Club. We believe that “Aim for the Stars” will help young talents in our table tennis teams improve their skills and strengthen their foundation for future professional success.”

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