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Palestine’s ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Projects Underway

Wednesday 16 June

All would recognise the need to support Palestine in these difficult times.

Few would appreciate the complexities to achieve that support.

Complex border crossing and customs clearance requirements, recent conflicts, and covid lockdowns all meant that discussions regarding equipment support that began in 2019, were only fulfilled this week.

That we see the dynamic driver of Palestine Table Tennis Radwan Al-Shareef personally picking up the equipment in these pictures is itself a miracle, as it was only recently that Radwan was very sick in hospital on a ventilator with covid and shows his commitment to table tennis.


The equipment actually comprised 3 levels of support.


ATTU “Aim for the Stars” provided 14 tables-nets and 3 star balls.

LEE Jongsan, who together with Korea Table Tennis Association and ATTU “Aim for the Stars”  produced the 12 weekly coaching videos we all enjoyed in 2020[and is still available on ATTU website ] was so impressed with ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Project that he insisted his salary was used to help a country in need. After multiple suggestions he proposed Palestine and provided 15 high level Stag rackets for their top junior players.

Stag also provided 12 tables-nets and various items such as barriers, balls and clothing as sponsorship.


This was Part 1 of the ATTU “Aim for the Stars” support for Palestine.

Part 2 starts next week with three simultaneous cadet training camps for both boys and girls, 19-24 June in Gaza, Jerusalem and Nablus, which is also a major achievement considering all that has been happening in Palestine in recent weeks and months. The equipment arrival was then perfect timing.

Mr Radwan Al-Shareef expressed his sincere thanks for the support provided.

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