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UAE ATTU “Aim for the Stars” National Team Training Camp 

Friday 25 June

UAE’s ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Project was a National Team Training Camp from 13th to 22nd June in Al-Nasr Club in Dubai.  

10 players participated in the camp: 6 men players and 4 Juniors, representing Al-Nasr, Al-Wasl, Shabab Al-Ahly and Sharjah Clubs.

Two sessions per day, each session was about 2 hours and the final two days were an internal competition between players, this camp is considered the first gathering for National Team players for more than a year and it is the start of preparation for the next Asian Championships in Doha next September.

The camp was supported and funded by Asian Table Tennis Union through “Aim for the Stars Program” which supports National Associations in different fields of development; this is a clear sign of the relations between Asian Table Tennis Union and UAE Table Tennis Association.

Video Highlight of the camp

Players: Esaa Ibrahim, Zubair Hashem, Jassem Linjawi, Abdulla Ahmed, Faisal Abbas, Salahaldin Abdulhamid, Abdulla Albalooshi, Mohamed Murad, Abdulla Yusuf and Mohamed Mahmoud.

Coach: Chao Li

Manager: Ahmad Albahar

Chao Li (UAE National team coach) said:

 “Our national team's first summer training camp (June) has started, it is a successful training camp! Our national team has not trained together for a long time, since COVID-19. Therefore, from this training, we are happy to see that every team member is actively involved in the process of every day's training, they have done their best” 

Faisal Abbas (National Team Player) said:

 “It is very exciting to start National team training again, for long time we did not gather to practice together, it is very encouraging to get back to normal, hope to be soon, there is a lot of work to be done, but we are ready”

Ahmad Albahar (National Team Manager)

 “I am very happy to see our National team practicing again, It is a very tough time for everyone and we are trying to move on and start again, we are thankful for ATTU”Aim for the Stars” for their support and to Al-Nasr Club for hosting the camp and hope this to be a start for bigger events”  

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