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Palestine’s second ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Project realised in difficult circumstances

Saturday 26 June

Those of you that organize training camps know there is many logistics in doing so.


Then imagine 3 simultaneous one week cadet camps in different parts of the country that are not accessible for everyone, being held at the same time.


Add to this the covid regulations and precautions.


And add again, Gaza camp being delayed due to bombings and one camp having to be combined by transferring 20 cadets 150km from Jerusalem to Nablus due to an army lockdown in Jerusalem following a shooting.


This was and is the challenges faced by Palestine Table Tennis Federation in implementing their second Asia Table Tennis Union “Aim for the Stars” Project of 3 simultaneous cadet training camps, 19-24 June in Nablus, Jerusalem and Gaza but they did it! Congratulations to Radwan Al-Shareef and his PTTF team!




Their first Asia Table Tennis Union “Aim for the Stars” Project was realised last week in receiving 14 tables, 3 star balls and elite rackets, after overcoming significant logistical issues.


Mrs  Amani Darwazeh representing Palestine Table Tennis Federation said:


“ We the Palestinian Table Tennis Federation are proud to announce the opening of the ATTU “Aim for the Stars” training camp in Nablus, which took place 19 June as planned, but out of control changes happened in the other places.

For Gaza the opening was 20 June because of the continuous attacks on the Gaza strip.

In Jerusalem, things were going as planned until a couple of days before the opening when a settler killed a female doctor on one of the check points around Jerusalem, which led to closing the area by the Israeli army.

That made us think of a quick change of plan, so we invited all the attendees of the Jerusalem training camp to come to Nablus, and merged the Nablus (girls) with Jerusalem (boys) in one camp in Nablus, and made quick, urgent new arrangements.






A word of thanks to the Asian Table Tennis Union “Aim for the Stars”  for supporting and sponsoring this camp, which contributes to the development of the game in Palestine, especially the under-15 age group, which also related to the female category”



The Gaza training camp was launched  on 20 June in the Hassan Salameh hall in the Central governorate, with the participation of 14 cadets, and led by qualified coaches.





The President of the Palestinian Table Tennis Federation, Mr. Muhammad Al-Dalou, thanked the Asian Table Tennis Union for its support for the Palestinian Federation in order to develop the game in Palestine, especially the attention to the cadets and equipment provided.


Video Highlights of the camp

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