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South East Asia and South Asia Junior Table tennis Championships Results

Monday 07 June


South East Asian Junior Table tennis Championships was concluded in Phnom Penen, Cambodia from Jun 3 to Jun 7, the results are as follows: 

Junior Girl‘s Team under 18

        1st         Singapore ?advance? 
        2nd         Thailand  ?advance?
        3rd        Malaysia
        4th        Vietnam 

Junior Boy’s Team under 18

Vietnam ?advance?
        2nd         Indonesia ?advance?
        3rd         Singapore
        4th         Thailand


 Click to download the complete SEA JTTC results

The South Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships was conducted at Dehradun, India on 5th and 6th June, 2010,

and the final position of the teams are as follows:



Junior Boys Team                   Junior Girls Team                      Cadet Boys Team       Cadet Girls Team


1. INDIA (advance)                1.INDIA (advance)                    1.  INDIA                   1. INDIA

2. SRI LANKA (advance)     2. SRI LANKA (advance)         2. SRI LANKA          2. SRI LANKA

3. NEPAL                               3. NEPAL                                   3, NEPAL                  3. NEPAL

4. MALDIVES                                                                           4. MALDIVES

 Click to download the complete SA JTTC results

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