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Agony for Abo Yaman family, so near yet so far

Wednesday 18 August

So near yet so far, such was the outcome for the host nation in the men’s singles and women’s singles, the blue ribbon events at the 2021 Arab Championships in the Jordanian capital city of Amman, on the evening of Monday 16th August.


Home supporters on their feet but for Zaid Abo Yaman and sister Taimaa Abo Yaman, the end result was silver, at the final hurdle both experienced defeat, both at Egyptian hands.

Taimaa Abo Yaman was beaten in six games by Roaa Al Naghy (10-12, 11-7, 7-11, 11-7, 11-2, 11-5).


n an even closer contest, one in which he held a 5-1 lead in the deciding seventh game before experiencing defeat, Zaid Abo Yaman suffered by the narrowest of margins against Egypt’s Mohamed Shouman (11-7, 9-11, 11-6, 6-11, 11-7, 8-11, 11-9).


Earlier, Zaid Abo Yaman had beaten Iraq’s Omar Taher (12-10, 11-9, 11-2), prior to ousting Kuwait’s Mohamed Saleh (9-11, 13-11, 11-6, 11-6, 9-11, 11-2).


At the same stages, Mohamed Shouman, the top seed, had recorded a quarter-final success against Zeyad Aldmaisy, like Zaid Abo Yaman from Jordan (9-11, 19-17, 11-2, 11-9), prior to securing a penultimate round success when facing Iraq’s Mohamed Taher (11-4, 11-7, 11-8, 11-3).


Meanwhile, in the last eight of the women’s singles, Taimaa Abo Yaman overcame Kuwait’s Menwah Al-Shammari, before reserving her place in the final courtesy of success in opposition to Qatar’s Maha Faramazy (11-8, 11-2, 11-9, 9-11, 11-8).


Impressive from Taimaa Abo Yaman, it was the same in the opposite of the draw from Rowa’a Al Nagy. She beat Jordan’s Bara Al-Wedian (11-5, 11-9, 11-3), to reserve her semi-final place where she ousted colleague Alaa Yahia.


Silver for Taimaa Abo Yaman, the same colour in the women’s doubles, partnering Bara’a Al-Wedyan, it was defeat at Egyptian hands; Ala’a Yahia and Rou’a Al-Naghy proved their nemesis.


Titles for Egypt, in the guise of Ahmed Al-Mohannadi and Mohamed Abdulwahab, there was success for Qatar, as there was for Bahrain, Rashed Rashed and Maryam Al-Ali gaining the honours.


Ahmed Al-Mohannadi and Mohamed Abdulwahab secured men’s doubles gold beating Mohamed Saleh and colleague Elyas Elyasy; Rashed Rashed and Maryam Al-Ali accounted for Egypt’s Mu’men Husain and Rouaa Al-Naghy to emerge the mixed doubles champions.


Overall, Egypt topped the medal table (ten gold, eight silver, nine bronze), next in line was Qatar (four gold, five silver, ten bronze) followed by Tunisia (four gold, four silver, nine bronze).

The Arab Club Championships now follows; play concludes on Monday 23rd August.


Men’s Singles

Gold: Mohamed Shouman (EGY)

Silver: Zaid Abo Yaman (JOR)

Bronze: Mohamed Taher (IRQ)

Bronze: Mohamed Saleh (BRN)


Women’s Singles

Gold: Rouaa Al-Naghy (EGY)

Silver: Taimaa Abo Yaman (JOR)

Bronze: Ala Yahia (EGY)

Bronze: Maha Faramazy (QAT)


Men’s Doubles

Gold: Ahmad Al-Muhanady/ Mohamed Abdulwahab (QAT)

Silver: Elyas Elyasy/ Mohamed Saleh (BAH)

Bronze: Omar Taher/ Mohamed Taher (IRQ)

Bronze: Zaid Abo Yaman/ Zeyad Al-Demaisy (JOR)


Women’s Doubles

Gold: Ala’a Yahia / Rou’a Al-Naghy (EGY)

Silver: Taimaa Abo Yaman / Bara’a Al-Wedyan (JOR)

Bronze: Maha Faramazy / Noura Al-Ebry (QAT)

Bronze: Menwah Al-Shammari / Maryam Abdulraheem (KUW)


Mixed Doubles

Gold: Rashed Rashed / Maryam Al-Ali (BRN)

Silver: Mu’men Husain / Rouaa Al-Naghy (EGY)

Bronze: Zaid Abo Yaman / Taimaa Abo Yaman (JOR)

Bronze: Yousef  Ben Ateih / Malaka Al-Rayhay (TUN)


Under 19 Boys’ Singles

Gold: Marwan Jamal (EGY)

Silver: Salman Abo Hamda (BRN)

Bronze: Yousef Ben Attieh (TUN)

Bronze:  Mohamed Azzam (EGY)


Under 19 Girls’ Singles

Gold: Ala’a Yahia (EGY)

Silver: Farida Badawy (EGY)

Bronze: Maryam Al-Ali (BRN)

Bronze: Amreeta Ameet (BRN)


Under 19 Boys’ Doubles

Gold: Anwar Hameed / Ghaith Al-Fatlawy (IRQ)

Silver: Abdullah Abdulwahhab/ Ahmad Jabar (QAT)

Bronze: Adam Al-Khaloufy / Yousef Ben Ateih (TUN)

Bronze: Marwan Jamal/ Mohamed Azzam (EGY)


Under 19 Girls’ Doubles

Gold: Maryam Al-Ali / Amrita Ameet (BRN)

Silver: Dana Al-Khateeb / Sarah Abdulhafeez (JOR)

Bronze: Fareda Badawy / Ala`a Yahia (EGY)

Bronze: Maryam Ali / Shawouq Al-Abdullah (QAT)


Under 15 Boys’ Singles

Gold: Ibraheem Jubran (YEM)

Silver: Yaseen Wael (EGY)

Bronze: Rawad Al- Naser (QAT)

Bronze: Mohamed Al-Khaloufy (TUN)


Under 15 Girls’ Singles

Gold: Kenzy Fawzy (EGY)

Silver: Hend Zaza (SYR)

Bronze: Malaka Al-Reyahy (TUN)

Bronze: Maryam Younes (EGY)


Under 15 Boys’ Doubles

Gold: Mohamed Al-Khaloufy / Waseem Al-Said (TUN)

Silver: Yaseen Wael / Bader Mustafa (EGY)

Bronze: Rawad Al-Naser / Khaled Al-Yafe`y (QAT)

Bronze: Abdullah Ajaj / Zaid Al-Qutainy (SYR)


Under 15 Girls’ Doubles

Gold: Hend Zaza/ Naya Sulaiman (SYR)

Silver: Malaka Al-Rayhany/ Maryam Al-Hamruny (TUN)

Bronze: Maryam Younes/ Kenzy Fawzy (EGY)

Bronze: Batul Khader/ Zaina Sadakah (JOR)


Under 13 Boys’ Singles

Gold: Ahmad Qarany (QAT)

Silver: Zaid Qutainy (SYR)

Bronze: Sultan Al-Kawary (QAT)

Bronze: Mohamed Al-Ali (BRN)


Under 13 Girls’ Singles

Gold: Hend Zaza (SYR)

Silver: Nour Al-Kawly (EGY)

Bronze: Habiba Al-Basoumy (EGY)

Bronze: Fatima Al-Ali (BRN)


Under 13 Boys’ Doubles

Gold: Waseem Al-Said / Yousef Al-Adaily (TUN)

Silver: Sultan Al-Kawary / Ahmed Karany (QAT)

Bronze: Zaid Qutainy / Gaith Ghareeb (SYR)

Bronze: Omar Basuny / Omar Hany (EGY)


Under 13 Girls’ Doubles

Gold: Habiba Al-Basoumy / Nour Al-Khawly (EGY)

Silver: Hend Zaza / Eba Hallak (SYR)

Bronze: Balqess Al-Suwaisy / Ala’a Al-Sa’dy (TUN)

Bronze: Nesma Hameed / Bareen Jamal (IRQ)


Under 11 Boys’ Singles

Gold: Ameer Al-Said (TUN)

Silver: Mohamed Al-Saleety (QAT)

Bronze: Abdulazeez Al-Abdullah (QAT)

Bronze: Ahmed Al-Saidy (TUN)


Under 11 Girls’ Singles

Gold: Eba’a Hallaq (SYR)

Silver: Ala’a Al-Sa’dy (TUN)

Bronze: Lana Shaltuny (JOR)

Bronze: Jana Al-Edan (KUW)


Under 11 Boys’ Doubles

Gold: Ameer Al-Said / Ahmad Al-Sa`eedy (TUN)

Silver: Mohamed Al- Saleety / Abdulazeez Al-Abdullah (QAT)

Bronze: Husain Abdulkareem / Saeid Al-Khallaf (KUW)

Bronze: Murad Al-Hassany / Yamen Al-Ja’afreh (JOR)


Editor: Ian Marshall

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