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New standards in Amman

Sunday 22 August

A most exacting schedule, two weeks of intense competition, no rest days, such was the recent order of proceedings in Amman; there was no time for a visit to witness the extensive Roman remains in nearby Jerash or to behold the Dead Sea,

The city was the host for the Arab Championships from Tuesday 10th to Monday 16th August, then for the Arab Club Championships from Tuesday 17th to Monday 23rd August.

Undoubtedly a successful venture. Under the direction of Khalil Al-Mohannadi, the President of the Arab Table Tennis Association and Mohamed Abduallah, Secretary General alongside Tarek Al-Zouaby, President of the Jordan Table Tennis Association, a new standard was set.

Located in the northwest outskirts of the city, the Ahliyya Amman University, prized for academic excellence, provided first class facilities.

Notably, the tournament was played at time when it was mid-summer in the Middle East, temperatures touching 40 degrees Celsius.

Crucial to the occasion was air conditioning, in the past more than once players have complained that when executing a high thrown service, the wind created can blow the ball off course; it was not the situation in the Ahliyya Amman University.

Equally, the premises were pleasing to the eye. The deep red court mat covered a sprung wooden floor, a somewhat unusual flooring in these days, without doubt the most expensive of all.

Notably, the hall was clad in splendid colours, the tournament’s name and sponsors attractively promoted. It all added to a splendid setting and perhaps contributed to a high standard of play; the players responded.

Furthermore, we can look forward to similar in Jordan. There is more action to come in Amman; later in the year the year the ever popular ITTF World Hopes Week and Challenge will be staged in the city, the third time the region has staged the event.

Previously Qatar was the host in 2016, Oman in 2019.

Editor: Ian Marshall

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