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Door open, can Korea Republic seize opportunity?

Monday 13 September

China absent at the forthcoming 2021 ITTF-ATTU Asian Championships which commence in Doha on Tuesday 28th September, it opens the door.

In particular in the men’s events, it opens the door for the Korea Republic.

There is no Jeoung Youngsik in the selection but An Jaehyun, Cho Seungmin, Jang Woojin, Lee Sangsu and Lim Jonghoon are all named.

Who can rise to the occasion? Who can meet the challenge?

Most certainly An Jaehyun has proved the point, who will ever forget the Liebherr 2019 World Championships in Budapest when staggeringly he concluded matters, a bronze medallist. At the time he was listed at no.152 on the men’s world rankings and of the Korea Republic players on that list, the tenth highest!

Likewise, Jan Woojin has been known to respond, none more so than at the 2018 ITTF World Tour Korean Open in Daejeon when he became the first ever player to complete the clean sweep. He won the mixed doubles partnering DPR Korea’s Chao Hyo Sim, secured the men’s doubles in harness with Lim Jonghoon, before concluding matters by beating China’s Liang Jingkun to arrest the men’s singles title.

A major chance for Jan Woojin

Later in the year, Jang Woojin and Lim Jonghoon enjoyed more success, on home soil in Incheon they won the men’s doubles title at the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals.

Responding to the occasion; that is exactly what Lee Sangsu achieved on the 2010 ITTF World Tour in the Slovenian city of Velenje.

He won the men’s singles title beating Sweden’s Jens Lundqvist in the final; the significance of the occasion being that he became the first player to win an ITTF World Tour men’s singles title starting proceedings in the qualification phase.

Notable successes, perhaps Cho Seungmin has not quite the record of his colleagues but in 2018, he won the under 21 men’s singles title at the ITTF Challenge tournament in Guadalajara, Spain.

Who can seize the opportunity?

Editor: Donald Ang 

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