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Philippines ATTU “Aim for the Stars” Table Tops Project

Monday 27 September

Philippines Table Tennis Federation ATTU “Aim for the Stars” was to expand table tennis to a wider audience by providing 2 table tops each to 25 different clubs and schools.

Below is the list of beneficiaries each receiving 2 table tops.


          A. Luzon

  1. Semicon TableTennis Club
  2. Captain's Table Tennis Club
  3. New Pasig Table Tennis Club
  4. Oliver Table Tennis
  5. San Pablo City  Table Tennis Club
  6. Pagsanjan Table Tennis Club
  7. Titan Table Tennis Club
  8. Pampanga Table Tennis Club

    B.  Mindanao
  9. South Western Table Tennis Club
  10. Basilan Table Tennis Enthusiast
  11. Zamboanga Table Tennis Club
  12. Tupi Table Tennis Club
  13. Tacurong Table Tennis Club
  14. Shakir Table Tennis Club

    In cooperation with the Department of Education

    A. Visayas
  15. Baybay North Elementary School
  16. San Miguel Elementary School
  17. San Rafael Elementary School
  18. Ingho Elementary School
  19. Jaclupan Elementary School
  20. ML Quezon Elementary School

    B.  Mindanao
  21. Bislig Central Elementary School
  22. Dugyaman Elementary School
  23. Hji. Yahiya Biste elementary School
  24. Hadji Butu Elementary School
  25. Kiwalam Elementary School


Semicon Table Tennis Club   

Captains Table Tennis Club Las Pinas City


Titan Table Tennis Club Trece Martires Cavite                                           


Cavite Patriots Gen Trias Cavite



The Luzon tables have all been distributed.


The Mindanao tables are still awaiting shipment due to the Covid 19 protocols  in Metro Manila.


The Table Tops for the Department of Education are still in their possession as there are still no face to face classes in the Philippines. The Department of Education will distribute the table tops to elementary schools for their grassroots table tennis program.


Ting C. Ledesma, Philippines TTF President said:

“I am immensely thankful to the Asian Table Tennis Union for coming up of this impactful and timely project Aim for the Stars. With our chosen project of Equipment Assistance and Table Tops as the equipment of choice, over two dozen clubs and public schools all around the Philippines have benefitted from this ATTU project. This equipment assistance will surely be enjoyed by an undetermined number of players, especially the schoolchildren, for years and years to come. And hopefully from this Table Top donations we will be able to tap talents whom we can develop as Olympic hopefuls in the future.”


CARLITOS REYES (San Pablo City Table Tennis Club, Laguna):

 “Our deepest gratitude to the ATTU and PTTF for the table tops you gave for the players of San Pablo City. It will be a big help to all our players. Thank you very, very much.”


San Pablo City Table Tennis Club, Laguna

OLIVER RELLAMA ( Oliver Table Tennis, Sto. Tomas, Batangas):

 “Thank you very much ATTU, PTTF and PTTF President Ting Ledesma for giving us new 25mm table tops. All the players of Oliver Table Tennis  are very grateful to this wonderful and timely project”


Oliver Table Tennis, Sto  Tomas  Batangas 



 “Thank you so much ATTU and PTTF  for our needed high quality table tops. We assure you that we will promote and introduce more table tennis to the youth of Pagsanjan.  Again, thank you very much and more power. “


RAY REG (Pampanga Table Tennis Club, Minalin, Pampanga):

 “We had only one table in our club. We all took turns (kids and adults alike) so we can all play and practice. I am very thankful to ATTU and PTTF for the extra table top donations.  It is a very big help to our club and players. “


Pampanga Table Tennis Club , San Simon Pampanga

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