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Payas Jain heads Muscat list

Saturday 09 October

Gold medallist in September in both Otocec and Tunis, Payas Jain is the leading name on duty at the forthcoming 2021 WTT Youth Contender Muscat tournament, proceedings commence with three days of boys’ events on Sunday 10th October.

Payas Jain successful in Otocec and Tunis

He is the top seed in both the under 19 boys’ singles and under 17 boys’ singles events.

In the former he is listed ahead of Saudi Arabia’s Khalid Alshareif, next in line being Indian colleagues Yashansh Malik and Varun Shankar Balusuri.

Likewise in the latter, Khalid Alshareif is the second seed, Preyesh Suresh Raj, also from India, followed by Kazakhstan’s Alan Kurmangaliyev complete the top four names.

Notably the name of Preyesh Suresh Raj appears high on the list in the under 15 boys’ singles. He is the top seed ahead of Kazakhstan’s Alan Kurmangaliyev, Yemen’s Ebrahim Abdulhakim Gubran and compatriot Ankur Bhattacharjee.

Notably, in September, Preyesh Suresh Raj secured the under 15 boys’ singles title in Tunis beating Ankur Bhattacharjee in the final; in the same age group, Alan Kurmangaliyev, on duty at the recent 2021 ITTF-ATTU Asian Championships in Doha, was a semi-finalist in both Varazdin and Otocec.

Meanwhile, in the under 13 boys’ singles, Qatar’s Ahmed Korani, Rawad Alnaser and Sultan Alkuwari occupy the respective top three positions ahead of Saudi Arabia’s Ali Altaher.

Impressively, in the same age group, in Tunisia, Rawad Alnaser emerged the winner, Ahmed Korani was a semi-finalist.

Qatar prominent, it is the same in the under 11 boys’ singles. Mohammed Al-Saluati is the second seed behind Saudi Arabia’s Abdulrahman. Lebanon’s Michel Abi Nader is the third seed; also, from Qatar, Abdulaziz Al Abdulla is the fourth in order.

Significantly, Abdulrahman Al Taher was an under 11 boys’ singles semi-finalist in Otocec

The first three days are allocated to boys’ singles events, the last three to girls’ singles competitions. There is a one day break on Wednesday 13th October.

Editor: Ian Marshall


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