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2009 ITTF Junior Circuit--- Chengdu

Monday 22 June

(The Opening Ceremony of the Junior Circuits)

The 2009 China Youth Open - ITTF Junior Circuit Event has been held in Chengdu from 17th to 21st June.

About 170 players, coaches and officials from 17 associations are attending this event.

The players will compete in the junior and Cadet Team event, Singles event and Double event.

(The participants are having meals in the dining hall.)

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province,

which is located in the southwest part of China.Sichuan enjoys a wonderful reputation for its delicious

food and relaxing life style. There even is a Chinese saying” Never come to Sichuan when you are young”,

which implies that the relaxing lifestyle of Sichuan would spoil the young people’s spirit.

Now, wish you were there?

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