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Feng Tianwei Secured Bronze Medal at Evergrande Asian Cup

Sunday 28 March

Feng Tianwei Secured Bronze Medal at Evergrande Asian Cup

Singapore's 23 year old Feng Feng Tianwei, currently standing at no.5 on the ITTF Women’s World Ranking list, secured third place in the Women’s Singles event at the Evergrande Real Estate Asian Cup in Guangzhou on the evening of Sunday 28th March 2010.


In the bronze medal duel, she accounted for Korea’s 25 year old Seok Ha Jung, currently standing at no.23 on the ITTF Women’s World Ranking list


Feng Tianwei won 11-7, 11-4, 11-9, 12-10.


Little to Choose

Two players of a very similar style faced each other in the Women’s Singles Bronze medal match; Feng Tianwei arguably the more powerful, Seok Ha Jung by a whisker the more consistent.


In the opening exchanges there was little to choose between the two players, both trying to find a rhythm.


Direction of Play

At 6-all it was parity; Feng Tianwei tried to attack with her forehand at the earliest opportunity, Seok Ha Jung directed her early attacks principally towards the body of Feng Tianwei.


However, trying to keep the ball as wide as possible in the backhand of Feng Tianwei, Seok Ha Jung made mistakes; Feng Tianwei secured the first game 11-7.


Pattern Continued

The pattern of play continued in the second game, with backhand to backhand exchanges favouring Seok Ha Jung but the power of the Feng Tianwei forehand was starting to prevail.


Feng Tianwei, gaining in confident and more effective near the net, moved ahead 8-3, eventually winning the game 11-4.


The Singaporean was proving to be marginally to faster player and if Seok Ha Jung was to make an impression then it was essential she executed more rotation when playing topspin strokes.



Two games to nil ahead, Feng Tianwei appeared the more confident player but Seok Ha Jung was not going to fade away.


She tended to follow the rhythm of Feng Tianwei and as the Singaporean pressed hard she did make mistakes. Seok Ha Jung established a 9-7 lead but Feng Tianwei levelled at 9-all; then a net cord in favour of Feng Tianwei gave her the advantage. She capitalised, won the next point and was one game away from victory.


Fast Attacking Play

Fast attacking play greeted the start of the fourth game with Feng Tianwei establishing a 5-4 lead.


Kang Hee Chan, the Korean coach on duty, called “Time Out”. Feng Tianwei took advice from Zhou Shushen, formerly the coach with the Beijing Team and his advice paid dividends.


Feng Tianwei went ahead 8-5, Seok Ha Jung levelled at 10-all but Feng Tianwei was not to be denied.


Third place belonged to Singapore.

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