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Xu Xin Captures Bronze Medal in Guangzhou

Sunday 28 March

Younger Generation Prevails as

Xu Xin Captures Bronze Medal in Guangzhou

Xu Xin won the battle of the left handed penhold grip players at the Evergrande Real Estate Asian Cup in Guangzhou on Sunday 28th March 2010 to clinch third place in the touyrnament.


After being overwhelmed one day earlier in the semi-finals by Chinese national team compatriot, Zhang Jike, Xu Xin handed out the same treatment to Hong Kong’s Ko Lai Chak.


Currently standing at no.13 on the ITTF Men’s World Ranking list 20 year old Xu Xin beat 33 year old Ko Lai Chak, who occupies a current world ranking that equates to his age, in four straight games.


Xu Xin won 11-5, 11-7, 11-3, 11-8.


High Level of Technical Skills

Both left hander, both penholders, both attacking players; those were the similarities in the duel for the bronze medal with Ko Lai Chak the more experienced, Xu Xin, the more dynamic.


One of the major differences between the two stars is that from his very earliest days Xu Xin had used the reversed side of the racket to execute the backhand top spin stroke whereas Ko Lai Chhak had developed the skill later in his career.


Different Era

Ko Lai Chak is of an era when the young players who were taught the penhold grip did not immediately use the reverse side of the racket; in his formative years it was only just emerging. The man sitting courtside, trying to mastermind his downfall, Liu Guoliang, was the first world class proponent of the technique.


The result is that the backhand of Xu Xin is far more lethal than that of Ko Lai Chak; his tends to be safety first, the more supple wrist and quicker stroke extolled by Xu Xin produces a point winner.


Attacked Services

Positive, attacking quickly over the table, Xu Xin captured the first two games; he was the quicker player in every department of the game.


Furthermore, consistently he was able to attack the service of Ko Lai Chak. If Ko Lai Chak served short then the flexible from the backhand executed over the table came into full effect and produced a return with a deadly cocktail of sidespin and top spin to gain the ascendancy.


However, too often the services of Ko Lai Chak drifted long and Xu Xin was able to execute a forehand top spin, put Ko Lai into the passive mode and finish matters.


Full of Confidence

Xu Xin won the first two games with a degree of ease; in the third he was totally dominant in the fourth he was in control.


The bronze medal belonged to China.

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