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Guangzhou Ecstatic, the Heroine Delivers Gold

Sunday 28 March

Guangzhou Ecstatic, the Heroine Delivers Gold

Adored by the massed ranks of supporters, 18 year old Liu Shiwen went one step better on Sunday 28th March 2010, than she did a year ago.


In 2009 she had been beaten in the final of the Women’s Singles event at the Asian Cup losing to colleague Guo Yue, one years later, again in Guangzhou, she claimed the prestigious prize.


Liu Shiwen won 11-5, 11-2, 9-11, 6-11, 11-9, 11-2.


At the Asian Championships in Lucknow in November 2009, Ding Ning had been crowned the Women’s Singles champion, in Guangzhou, it was the turn of Liu Shiwen to own a continental singles title.


Heroine Worship

The moment had arrived; a vast percentage of the 3,000 plus crowd had come to pay homage; they had come to greet, welcome and support Liu Shiwen; simply the local heroine had returned.


Liu Shiwen hails from the north of China, she comes from Liaoning Province but at the age of eight moved to live in Guangzhou; the reason being that her coach moved to the city that is steeped in table tennis. The local mayor is a staunch supporter of table tennis.


Raised the Roof

Every step, every breath made by the petite teenager who entered the room like a quiet schoolgirl who sit at the back of the class attentive and not say boo to a goose was applauded.


The cry “Jia You” more steam raised the rafters.


Spare a Thought for Ding Ning

Poor Ding Ning, one of the pleasant people you could wish to meet, must have wondered what she had done to cause a situation where only the impartial, which was not that many, had done to upset the assembled spectators.


Surely there was somebody could have cried “Jia You Ding Ning”; if the phrase was ever uttered in the first two games then it was in the form of a Chinese whisper. More steam, play harder was always directed toward Liu Shiwen.



Urged on by the crowd who willed her to win ever point, Liu Shiwen remained demure, in control of her emotions and in the first two games responded to the faithful multitude.


She stayed close to the table, forced Ding Bing into the deep grass and dominated the first two game


At Last

At last in the third game the cry was heard “Jia You Ding Ning” but then the one supporter of Beijing table tennis was put in his place by the Guangzhou Male and Female Voice Choir.


In the third game it was parity at 7-all with Ding Ning having led until that stage.


Ding Ning Replies

The little fat man who was suffering from tonsilitis stood erect, cried “Jia You Liu Shiwen”, the crowd followed the Great Leader; that is great around the girth.


However, it was Ding Ning who took the advantage, she regained the lead, won the game and the little fat man was silenced.


Perfect Example

Two teenagers maintained the utmost dignity; they set a superb example in every aspect of sport, the highest qualities in every respect; whilst a large section of the crowd went bonkers.


Good for them, they were enjoying themselves.


Win a close game and confidence grows; that was the scenario in the fourth game. Ding Ning moved ahead 7-3. Outstanding rallies with members of the crowd waving photographs on placards of Liu Shiwen as the contest reached new heights.


Ding Ning was determined, her concentration total as she blocked out from her mind the cries for her adversary. She captured the fourth game it was parity.


Polite applause greeted her success.


Guangzhou Banner Supports Liu Shiwen

The crowd rose with one section of the assembled raising a banner which translated read “Guangzhou Supports Liu Shiwen” but the little fat man was quiet, he left for the local doctor to have his tonsils removed.


Tremendous rallies greeted the start of the fifth game; who could ever keep the ball on the table at breakneck speed would win the point.


Back from the clinic, the little fat man roared his approval as Liu Shiwen moved into a 7-4 lead. Ding Ning levelled at 7-all but at 10-9 it was advantage Liu Shiwen having led 10-7.


She called “Time Out”. A good call, Liu Shiwen won the next point, she was ahead once again.



Motivated by the close win in the fifth game Liu Shiwen was positive at the start of the sixth game. She won the first three points; Ding Ning called “Time Out”.


However, the break only urged Liu Shiwen into a higher gear. She was dominant; she won the game in style. It was gold for Guangzhou.


She celebrated politely, the crowd went wild and the little fat man jumped for joy.

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