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MT and WT Finals-2018 CHINA PARA OPEN Thursday 30th August – Sunday 2nd September

Monday 03 September



Thursday 30th August – Sunday 2nd September


Feng Panfeng turns tables


Disappointment two days earlier at the 2018 China Para Open in Beijing, when losing to Germany’s Thomas Schmidberger in the Men’s Singles Class 3 final; two days later for China’s Feng Panfeng it was success.


Joining forces with Zhai Xiang and Zhao Ping, the outfit recorded a two matches to nil win in opposition to Thomas Schmidberger and colleague Thomas Brüchle to secure the Men’s Team Class 3 top prize.


It was role reversal, in the Men’s Singles event, Feng Panfeng had commenced matters as the top seed, Thomas Schmidberger the no.2 seed; in the Men’s Team event it was the exact opposite scenario, the Germans topped the order, the Chinese trio in second place.

Defeat for the German duo meant Thomas Schmidberger fell just one step short of repeating his earlier success but, in the Men’s Team events, there were players who added a second gold.


China’s Yan Shuo and Lian Hao alongside Poland’s Rafal Czuper, Ukraine’s Viktor Didukh and Sweden’s Daniel Gustafsson all departed Beijing with double gold; an achievement that was also realised by Australia’s Samuel Von Einem.


One day earlier Rafal Czuper, who had secured the Men’s Singles Class 1-2 title, allied with Tomasz Jakimczuk to emerge as the Men’s Team Class 2 champion.


Somewhat similarly in the same categories as in which they had in enjoyed individual success, Yan Shuo partnered Liao Keli and Wang Yu to Class 7 success as did Viktor Didukh alongside Ivan Mai and Maksym Nikolenko in Class 8. Likewise, in liaison with colleagues, Daniel Gustafsson won Class 9 in harness with Emil Andersson; in conjunction with Mao Shubo and Kong Weijie, it was success for Lian Hao in Class 10.


Meanwhile, not to be upstaged, Samuel Von Einem partnered Korea Republic’s Kim Gitae to Class 11 gold.


Notably, all were successes for the top seeded pairings; the only outfit to upset the order in the Men’s Team events being Feng Panfeng, Zhai Xiang and Zhao Ping.


China’s Guo Xingyuan, Shi Yanping and Zhang Yan combined to win Class 4; colleagues Chen Chao and Huang Jiaxin succeeded in Class 6, as did Turkey’s Nesim Tura and Ali Ozturk in Class 5.


Play in Beijing concluded, the focus now turns to Ostrava; the Czech Para Open will be staged from Thursday 20th September to Saturday 22nd September.



Team titles follow individual success

Titles for the host nation’s Fan Lei, Xue Juan, Zhang Bian and Zhou Ying earlier in the tournament in the Women’s Singles events; on the concluding day of play, Sunday 2nd September, at the 2018 China Para Open in Beijing, all added the their collections.


All enjoyed Women’s Team success.


Xue Juan partnered Li Qian to gold in Class 3; Zhang Bian and Zhou Ying joined forces to secure the top prize in Class 4-5.

Both were wins as anticipated, the pairs started proceedings as the top seeds; however, the top step of the podium secured by Fan Lei was not necessarily to be anticipated. Joining forces with Zhao Xiaojing, the Class 10 title was clinched in a group organised event; a competition where the duo commenced matters as the lowest rated pairing.


They finished ahead of the combination formed by Chinese Taipei’s Lin Tzu-Yu, Nigeria’s Faith Obazuaye and Vietnam’s Viet Thi Kim Van; compatriots Hou Chunxiao and Kong Wenjie, the top seeds, concluded matters in third place.


Success contrary to expectations for Fan Lei and Zhao Xiaojing; in Class 11, it was the same for Japan’s Sayuri Miao and Kanami Furakawa. In a group organised event, they secured first place, ahead of the combination formed by Ukraine’s Natalya Kosmina, the winner of the Class 11 Women’ Singles title and Lea Ferney of France. Third place was the lot of Macao’s Mok Niu Yan and Choi Nok Lo.


Two winners contrary to status, in the remaining Women’s Team events, the outcome was as anticipated.


China’s Xiong Guiyan, Liu Meng and Li Guiying claimed gold in Class 8-9; the previous day Wang Rui, likewise from China, had joined forces with Russia’s Maliak Alieva and Japan’s Keiko Fujimoto to claim the Class 6-7 crown.


Play in Beijing concluded, attention now turns to Ostrava; the Czech Para Open will be staged from Thursday 20th September to Saturday 22nd September.

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