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Tuesday 14 May

2019 Asia Hopes Week & Challenge


Asia Hopes Program has three major stages: 1- National Hopes Programs 2- Regional Hopes Weeks & Challenges 3- Asia Hopes Week & Challenge.


At first stage different national associations of Asia hold their own Hopes program and qualify their tops hopes boys and girls players.

At the second stage Regional Hopes Week and Challenges are  organized in four different regions of Asia namely West Asia, Middle Asia, South Asia and South East Asia. Two girls and two boys from each region are then qualified to attend the Asia Hopes Week & Challenge.


This year for the 3rd times Thailand TTA  together with SISB School of Bangkok hosted Asia Hopes Week and Challenge from May 6th to 13th.


The event consisted of 6 days training camp and two days challenge tournament and top 3 girls and boys of the challenge tournament formed the Asia Hopes Team to participate The World Hopes Week & Challenge to be held in Oman next July.



Thanks to Thai TTA and SISB School the event was held successfully as expected. Players from Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan , Iran, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand participated the event and at the end the following players were qualified as Team Asia.



  1. PANDA Sayani (India)
  2. DHEEMA Fathimath (Maldives)
  3. GAN Ai Lis (Malaysia)


  1. KURMANGALIYEV Alan (Kazakhstan)
  2. GHOSH Oishik (India)
  3. SRITHAWORN Pheempope (Thailand)


Final Result






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