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Tuesday 03 September

Asian Junior and Cadet Championships 2019



3rd September,2019


The Draw for Individual Events has been uploaded.


The exact time and table will be allocated of Singles Event and announced on 4 September.


Please visit here for more details.


2nd September,2019


Results of the 1st Round are updated.


1st September,2019


The Draw for Team Events and general playing schedule has been uploaded.


31st August,2019


All enrty list are updated. 

The Draw for Team Events will be at 15:00 hr. at Official Hotel.


22nd August,2019


The entry list of JBD are updated.


20th August,2019


The entry list of Teams, All Player List, JGD and CBS are updated.


11th August, 2019


The entry list for team event is uploaded.


10th August, 2019


The entry lists for individual events and all player lists are uploaded.



1. The lists are still subject to change due to cancellations.

2. Teams may advise if there is any error/discrepancies or suggest any changes.

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