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Major challenge for host nation

Sunday 01 September

2019 Asian Junior & Cadet Championships

Ulanbaator, Sunday 1st September


Major challenge for host nation

The top two seeded outfits in both the junior boys’ team and junior girls’ team events exempt from the group stage of proceedings, on the first day of play, Monday 2nd September at the 2019 Asian Junior and Cadet Championships in Ulanbaator, the spotlight very much falls on the challengers for honours.

In the former the quartet to note is that of Japan’s Yukiya Uda, Shunsuke Togami, Kakeru Sone and Hiroto Shinozuka; in the latter Hong Kong’s Ng Wing Lam, Chau Wing Sze, Lee Ka Yee and Fung Wai Chu.

Notably in both the boys’ team and girls’ team events China tops the order; powerful looking outfits. For the boys the squad reads Liu Yebo, Xu Yingbin, Zeng Beixun and Zheng Peng; for the girls it is Wu Yangchen, Shi Xunyao, Kuai Man and Huang Yingqi.

Next in line for the boys is India who select from Raegan Alburquerque, Manush Utpalbhai Shah, Anukram Jain and Deepit Patil; for the girls Japan iis next on the list in the guise of Miyuu Kihara, Miyu Nagasaki, Haruna Ojio and Kyoke Idesawa.

Three groups in the initial phase in each event, the task is to gain a first or second place finish and thus progress to the main draw; in particular that is the task for Mongolia and it is a prodigious task.

Occupying the no.9 seeded position, represented by Erdenbayer Chinbat, Serd Gankhuyang, Temoulen Myandel and Belgunn Bayasgalan, the Mongolian boys face the Korea Republic, the no.5 seeds in the opening contest, followed by Singapore, the no.6 seeds. Korea Republic selects from Jung Seongwon, Kim Woojin, Park Gyunheon and Lee Gihun.

A tough challenge, it is exactly the same for the Mongolian girls who choose from Batrsaikan Khongorzul, Bolor-Erdene Batmunkh, Undram Munkhbat and Ariuntuya Tulgaa. In their opening group stage fixture, they oppose the no.5 seeds, the Korea Republic outfit formed by Shin Yubin, Choi Haeeun, Ryu Hanna and Lee Daeun; later in the day the face the no.6 seeds, the Indian formation of Swastika Ghosh, Prapti Sen, Manushree Patil and Anusha Kutumbale.

The leading outfit in the group Korea Republic starts as favourites to secure first place in their boys’ team event group. It is the same for the no.3 seeds, Japan represented by Yukiya Uda, Shunsuke Togami, Kakeru Sone and Hiroto Shinozuka. Likewise, the no.4 seeds, Iran’s Mohammad Musavi Taher, Mahdi Madankan, Ali Akbar Shoari and Amin Ahmadian occupy pole position in their group.

Similarly in the junior girls’ team event, like Shin Yubin, Choi Haeeun, Ryu Hanna and Lee Daeun; the no.3 seeds, Hong Kong’s Ng Wing Lam, Chau Wing Sze, Lee Ka Yee and Fung Wai Chun are favourites to top their group as are no.5 seeds Chinese Taipei’s Cai Fong-En, Yu Hsing-Ting, Chen Tung-Chuan and Tsai Yu-China.

Meanwhile, in the cadet boys’ team and cadet girls’ team events, the leading outfits are on duty from the very start.

In the boys’ event China’s Xu Hongrui, Huang Youzheng and Chen Yuanyu head the seeding followed by Japan’s Hayate Suzukim Rikto Maeda and Sora Matsushima. Likewise in the cadet girls’ team event China top the order. Chen Yi, Xu Yi and Sun Xiaomeng head the order followed by Korea Republic’s Kim Nayeong, Kim Seongjin and Lee Yeonhui.

All team events conclude on Wednesday 4th September.

Editor: Ian Marshall

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